Average price of a two-tier wedding cake?
Two tier, with a lot of detail..? I dont think i understand the "five dollars per piece" tip-- im needing a two tier that [doesnt necessarily HAVE TO...] serve at the most 50 people. I say that it doesnt HAVE to serve everyone because we plan on having a 'walmart' backup cake for people wanting seconds, or if we dont have enough of the original to go around.

I mostly want a memorable looking cake!!

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Kimi k.
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Ours will be a 2 tier. With the design, it comes out to be $237.50. However if you go with less of a design, you can get it cheaper. Also note that my wedding cake for my first wedding (in 2000) was made by Randalls, was GORGEOUS and was $150...3 tiers...

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It really depends on a lot of factors; location, ingredients, type and detail of decoration to name a few. Best bet is to call around and get quotes. You will find, however, that cakes are almost always priced per slice. If you get a sheet cake for say, 30 people, you would need a tiered cake for 20. So, at $5/ slice, you are looking at $100, plus delivery.

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Where I am from a wedding cake is an average of $120 per tier and alot of detail is extra I think..

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I think it also depends on the factors Analy spoke of.

I am having 4 tiers of carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting for 60 people. It is $5.00 per slice, with a $15 delivery. However, the only deco on the cake are the dots. It would have been an extra $75 for them to make fondant decorations. We hate fondant, and are using silk.

Kimi k.
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That's beautiful Carole!

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You'll see $4 - $10 a slice… so just figure $5 x 50 people is usually about a 2 tier cake. It totally depends on the flavors & design you choose though. You need to just go get quotes from bakers. Also, ask them if they'd do a sheet cake for you. The price may be comparable to the grocery store but could be in the same flavor as the tiered cake.

Mrs. Roberts
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Mine is $1.75/slice with free delivery, but it is very simple. The lady works at the University with me and makes cakes on the side. I have sampled her work many times!! It will be white with raspberry marble and buttercream frosting, no fondant here!

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I was quoted anywhere from $3.00 a slice to $5.00 a slice, our reception hall gave us a price of $3.50 a slice that included a three tier cake, the cake cutting fee, and the boxing fee, I am attaching a picture. We paid the florist $75.00 to add some floral decorations. It truly pays to shop around.

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Okay, thanks everyone! I will definitely call the venue to inquire about cake-fees, and suggestions... i still cant find a bakery i like which is odd. Asheville is home of the hippies/artists, i thought surely there would be a lot of cake designers that do truly unique cakes

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I have a 3 tier buttercream square cakes with designs on each layer. I am paying $190. I found a lady that does it out of her home and her cakes are delicious and beautiful.

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@FutureMrsCooper....Thank you!

@FunBride....That is gorgeous. I hope it tasted as good as it looks.

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well we are have 75 pp and our cake serves 93 because of the design we choose it couldn't be made smaller

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well I am kinda looking for a cake that feeds about 275 people and kinda inexspensive but if it cost I want a champagne cake with strawberry moose feeling and why do they charge a slice instead of a flat fee???

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One idea is to look for a fake cake with a real top layer for cutting, and buy some sheet cakes to serve the guests.

Future Mrs. Coleman
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Sounds like you're doing the same thing I am, glad i'm not the only one! I'm getting a two tiered cake in a flavor we want for us and possibly the bridal party. FH thinks I should get a 3 tier and just have extra, but not sure yet. And then we're getting sheet cakes from costco for the rest of the guests. It's cheaper, easier, and will taste just as good. I haven't found a baker yet, but i'm on the look-out for one.

--> Picture is of what the cake will look like :)

Future Mrs. Coleman
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I don't think mine will have fondant though, and a lady I know will (hopefully) be making it, so it won't be terribly expensive. Keep your fingers crossed though!

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These cakes are making me hungry.
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