Attn brides using a honeymoon registry: Shower Question?
Are you still having a bridal shower? Are you having a co-ed shower since guests will be getting you things for the honeymoon and not pots and pans that guys don't care about? Just wondering...

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I am using a honeymoon/wish type registry ( - but I am not sure what you are exactly asking. I am not having a co-ed shower, but that hasn't really affected anything I do or don't put on my registry- I wouldn't have a co-ed shower even if I was getting tools (which I did register for!)- just because I think a bridal shower is for the bride and I want a girly day!!!

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I skipped having a shower because we share a one-bedroom apartment and physical gifts would just drown us!

There are lots of alternatives to a traditional shower:

1. A "Stock the Bar" party if you want to go coed- everyone brings liquor, cocktail shakers, wine glasses, bartender's guides, etc. Guys love these - and you could work in something guy-friendly like whiskey or beer tastings.
2. A Recipe Shower. A potluck where everyone brings a dish, and the recipe for that dish. You can even have the hostess assign courses (beverage, dessert, salad, etc).
3. Lingerie shower.
4. Honeymoon shower - items for you to enjoy on the honeymoon, like straw hats, paperbacks for the beach, cute sandals, lingerie, etc.

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we are doing a Honeymoon Registry, seem only fair since we have lived together for almost 5 years and we do not need or want anything more for our home, This is being received well by everyone they all think it's a great idea

The Registry is through Flight Center (travel Agency) we chose not to go with an online source because we realize not everyone has a CC or feel comfortable ordering online, using Flight Center means our guest can go into any location and add to our registry.

How it Works : we set up the registy and they give us cards to send out with shower invites, we choose a close date 30-45 days before the Honeymoon (this wont work if you are having your shower closer to the wedding) this is to alow for a transfer from the registry pot into your balance owing on your honeymoon. The guest can choose how much or little they would like to contribute.

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I don't think I'm being clear. I already have a honeymoon registry set up for us. I don't want a "just the girls" bridal shower. Rather than forgo a shower altogether, I was thinking of having a co-ed shower. I was wondering if anyone else was doing a honeymoon registry AND having a co-ed shower. If yes, details please! : )

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I have a honeymoon registry and I'm having a bridal shower. It's not co-ed, but it's more of a cocktail party. I'm having mixed drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Oh and it's in the evening and we are foregoing the traditional shower crap.
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You can have a honeymoon registry and do either a co-ed or just girls shower. I don't think it really matters what you registered for...unless you did like a naughty and nice themed party, I don't think it would be appropriate for it to be co-ed :) I registered at and target and had a luau bridal shower just for the girls and it wasn't weird that they got my stuff off my honeymoon registry even though my FH wasn't there. It will be fine no matter how you do it

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you can have any kind of shower you and FI want. i don't think the registry dictates that. we had an engagement party that was co-ed. for my shower i just wanted girl-time. they are doing it as a honeymoon themed shower. this blog helped with ideas: our honeymoon registry is with and it's great.

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My fiance and I already live together so we chose a honeymoon registry. I don think its right to have a bridal shower if your having a honeymoon registry...its like asking for two gifts from everyone. What about an engagement party???
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