April wedding spring color ideas?
Getting married April of 2014. Any color scheme ideas/venue recommendations for a budget of about $7000 for 100 people? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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If I was having a spring wedding I would do light or pastel colors. Mint green, peach, mauve, lavender. I really like mint and peach or mauve with ivory and beige.

That's just me though. You should think about what YOU LIKE and what works with you venue when you find one :)
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Really?? yes, nice light colors right?! I like the mint and peach and mauve with ivory and beige. Thank you.

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Your right Katelin,:). Thank you.
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im having an april wedding and im doing yellow, orange, and pink. Im doing bright colors!

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@ Lark H..Hi there date twin :)..i finally found someone else with the same date..my Aril colors are tiffany blue,white and silver.

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My wedding is June 5, 2014 and we are still discussing colors but right now our front runners are light pink and gray with an undecided accent color.

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I am early May and fell in love with chocolate and blue (havent decided on the blue) something like tiffany or pool.

I would say start thinking of things that you like about the spring, reasons you picked your date. is there a flower you love that is in season and work around that.
Or your favorite color (mine is blue lol)

You don't have to stick to pastels just because it is spring. Also when picking colors keep your venue in mind. Some colors might not look great with a venue's decor. Your pastels might be washed out or the bright pinks or oranges might clash with something. idk just throwing out other things lol.
You also have plenty of time to look around at inspiration boards. Pintrest can be your best friend as well :)

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Thank you so much everyone! Tks for the great ideas
and suggestions! Pinterest is def a great tool;)

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I'm getting married in march 2014 and we are doing navy blue, a lighter purple (but not too light) and white. I am thinking about throwing splashes of yellow or pink in there throughout but I'm not set on adding anything else just yet.
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