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Best advice i could give is too visit the bridal shops in your area. You will be disappointed, we custom ordered my daughter's dress and it was made to small. Trying to get the company to refund your money is a nightmare. Now I have a dress i don't know what to do with it. This company is china base and you'll be disappointed if you order your dress and it's not what you like. This is a warning to new brides. If you have to order online, make sure it's here in our country and not in china. By the way, I'm still waiting for their response to my request for a refund and you have to take pictures. from one disappointed mom..

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Oh dang... that's terrible so sorry... I almost did that with, my dress... It was a company that sold knockoffs..But someone told me not to, after reading this I am glad I didn't... so sorry I hope things work out for you ...

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I know one of my brides did that, she had to bring the dress in to us to have us verify that it was not what was advertised, (she had to go to 3 reputable dress dealers). We had to write a formal letter saying that it wasn't in the correct fabric, it was the wrong size according to their size charts, the wrong color, and that there was not ONE crystal on the dress. She finally got her money back after 6 weeks of fighting.
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