Anyone using fake flowers for the bouquet?
I got some roses (7) from Hobby Lobby & have been trying to put them together for the bouquet. My main problem is that there's all this space between the stems & if I try to get them closer together it just smashes the flowers. Do I just need to add some filler flowers? It may seem like a silly or stupid question but it's been buggin the crap out of me! Thanks!

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I have ALL silk flowers for my wedding. My aunt is the crafty one so she's making everything. I wish I knew what to tell you on how to fill in your spaces...but I am not making mine.

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They will smash together, I put mine together then put the tape around it, After I fluffed them how I wanted this is how they turned out

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Yeah, the flowers get smashed. The best thing to do is put them together and then try to arrange them, maybe add a few filler flowers. Here's mine.

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I did my own as well. I added filler flowers, however, I also chose wider flowers in general. Here are pictures of my bridal party bouquets. The first one shows a couple of my bridesmaids bouquets and the second and third are of my bouquet. I don't have a very good picture of mine.

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Yeah, my roses are the really small ones, but then they're not huge either! So I don't know. I might try buying more & still have to figure out what would go with them.

Thanks everyone!

And everyone's bouquets look amazing! I'm jealous! :)
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I am doing silks too I did my own by taking two bouquets from Michaels apart and putting them back together again. The other one is for my MOH that I purchased at Michaels it was a custom made one 50% off, I think mine is just as nice. I am still working on the flowers for the table - that is my nightmare now!

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all of our are silk. I don't have a pic of the girls bouquets, but here mine. its being made by a girl on etsy

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I'm doing a brooch bouquet, the same problem happens with them. They recommend just turning it over and fluffing.

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