Anyone ever had tulle repaired? :/
Not sure how it happened,but my lovely train got a rip about 3 inches at the edge....I put my dress on to match it up with the veil I got and it turned around and I saw the tear!
I am freaking out because it's a beautiful dress and I can't afford a new one!
I can't have the top layer (where the tear is) removed because that's where all the beading is located.....

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Can you put up a pic of the dress? A pic of the tear would also help. Don't panic it probably can be repaired.
I probably won't be able to check in again until late tomorrow - I am doing a major alteration on a Tux - what was I thinking?
I'm more apt to check email so I don't get lost in the WW Forum if you want to contact me there.

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Here's something to try.... I was at a music festival last weekend and this guy came around doing a "magic trick." He had this guy fold up this dollar bill and then he caused it to float in mid air.... Well what no one saw was that he had a micro thin mono filament line (clear fishing line) that he hung the bill on.... See if you can sew the tear with some mono filament. It's definitely worth a try, you've got nothing to lose!

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If you have a Joanns fabrics in your area, there is a clear fabric tape (might remind you of scotch tape) that you can use on the toole which does not leave a mark of any kind and repairs the tool, advance warning, there are a few of these tapes that disolve in water, so please read the packaging. What a fabulous question. Good luck with your wedding. Anna Cox....Cox Mending and Designs

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I would use a clear fabric glue for something like that (3 inch) I have a couture tulle skirt that I will be wearing (as a dress most likely) for my engagement shoot. I put a giant tear in it unforunately :( but the style of the skirt gives some room for sewing it together (it is very pirate/patchworky) So, I am doing that for most of it, but if I didn't want the torn part to show at all, I would use clear fabric glue.

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Apologies, did not intend to misspell Tulle. lol How far from the edge is the tear and it is horizontal or verticle? There is one other trick which a partner of mine suggested, but this would depend on how close to the edge and beading the tear is. Please feel free to get back with me, either here or email me please. Miles of Smiles.... Anna Cox

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The tear is right at the end of my train and it's along the edge,not in the middle of the material.It's about 3-4 inches long and it's not a clean cut look,it doesn't just match up when you close the tear :/
I'm unable to get ahold of alterations until monday (this stuff always happens to me on the weekend!! lol) and while I'm sure she'll be able to mend it,it is still freaking me out!
The beading ends about 5 inches before the tear,so we would have to add more beading all over the tail of the train to make it blend :/
I have put the dress back in the garment bag because I honestly am scared to touch it :(
I'm not sure how it even happened and I'm scared to death about the reception with a bunch of little kids running around!!
Maybe I should've gone with the Satin pickup gown,lol.

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This is the dress,but obviously it's the manufacturer photo :/

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That dress is beautiful. I am not a seamstress but I would definately talk to one and see what can be done. I would think they could definately do something for you.

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Thank you~I actually had fallen in love with a satin pickup ball gown,but we decided it was too much $.....
I found this one which I'd always loved the tulle with embroidery and beading....Now I'm stressing :/
I called the seamstress and I have an appointment tuesday.

Irina A.

The Elegant Bride Salon
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Hi Denee
A clear stitch or glue should work. Looks like one our favorite Casablanca bridal dresses.

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Don't try to fix this yourself. You have plenty of time before your wedding to find a good seamstress who knows what she is doing. Since it's torn at a hem it can probably be repaired easily.

Good luck!! :)
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Gorgeous dress. I hope your seamstress can repair it. I wish you were closer - I love a challenge.

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I actually have given up on the dress for the wedding now :/
I have purchased the original gown that I fell in love with (Oleg Cassini) and I will just try to see if my seamstress can shorten the train and I'll sell it with the veil and boleros I bought or I'll just sell it 'as-is' on ebay...I won't get what I paid for it,but I don't need two dresses......Thank you everyone!
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