Anyone else have that kid in the family that's a brat and mom makes excuses for???
Ok so brats putting it nicely... He's the spawn of satan, sneaks out, steals moms credit card to buy bongs, cuts holes in the wall to hide "matches" oh and he doesn't smoke but every photo on Facebook he has a cig in hand, he's really nice always holding that cigarette for people... He's 15 and moms had to give all her rights as a parent to the state, he lives with her but all big decisions aren't hers. He's been in juvenile hall multiple times.. Hangs out with 18 year olds because he's "mature for his age"
The kicker today is he's grounded so he sneaks out.... She complains on Facebook hoping for a pat on the back saying oh I'm sorry you have to put up with this.... I said well take his phone away and show up where he is and drag him home.... Oh he just snuck out to go for a walk... It's cause he's ADD, I say "no its because he knows you'll blame it on the ADD" she says he just can't sit in the house... The message magically got erased hahaha she tells me I don't know her son.... Problem I think is he knows his mom too well... When you make excuses you enable... She always does this...
I'm of course the bad person for telling her if she makes excuses for him he's going to use the same excuses.
Anyone else know someone like this? It irritates me the Facebook pity parties when she's clearly as much the issue he is, if not more of the issue.

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I used to work at a residential home for boys with trauma histories and emotional/behavioral disorders. It's a very stressful time for the boys (and there are, of course, girls who have these issues too) and for their families. She is probably under an enormous amount of stress trying to deal with him, and he is probably under an enormous amount of stress because he isn't receiving the structure he needs. You're right though, pity parties do nothing to help the situation for either the mother or the son. I hope that both of them are able to get the help and support (professional support, not from Facebook friends) that they need to work through this. Hopefully the State will point them in the right direction and then follow-up.

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There's nothing being done, its been two years mom continues to make excuses for him and he continues to know she will so he keeps acting out. He's never had structure, she's always been too busy to put her beer down. And when her husband steps in he gets kicked out of the house, its sad. She thinks she's world most amazing mother and won't try to get help instead says it not hers or his fault because he's ADD. Mind you he wasn't ADD until he started acting out ( he was good friends with my brother as a kid but when my brother was diagnosed with Autism she cut all ties they had since my brother had something wrong with him and she was always making snide comments like my parents gave it to him or something). Now she needs an excuse as to why her child acts out so she falls back on that.

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Sounds like this is really stressful for you, I'm sorry nothing's being done to help anyone involved. I'm guessing that if you're on this site, though, you're planning a wedding and have enough on your plate as it is! Focus on the wedding and your future with your wonderful fiancé, you don't need anyone's negativity during such a great time in your life :)

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That's sad. My FH used to be a crazy teen and his mom ended up sending him off to a camp for troubled kids. It was very hard for his mom to do but in the end, it made my FH a better person. He still talks about that camp to this day. Also, she made him sign up for a sport. He chose kickboxing and he has made a career out of it.

Anyway, this mom needs to wake up and stop making excuses and start getting help. He's going to have a rough life ahead of him if he doesn't get the help he needs.

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This is exactly my cousin. Always excuses for dropping out of school, getting kicked out of the army, spray painting the walls of the house he lives in for free. It's not worth my time to care anymore sadly

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I Care that's how I am. It even irritates me in public when kids act out not because of an inconvenience to me but parents have become
More lax on discipline and the world is one day going to be run by these monsters that the parents are raising. And the more excuses they make for the children the harder its going to be to grow up and actually amount to something since moms always babying them.
I hate the fall back on disabilities. My brother is autistic. We raised him to be a good kid. He has manners, he's smart, he knows right from wrong, he has a sense of humor and when we tell him no or he knows he's done wrong he apologizes. If he does something bad and gets grounded he sits in his room and does extra homework or reads a book. My sister was ADD and it never made her behave like he does and we never would have said oh she has this sorry she's running around smoking cigarettes and sneaking out, we have to treat these kids normal and not baby them because eventually the parents won't be there to baby them and they'll fall flat on their face

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"It's because he's ADD"???????

BU||SH!T. I have an ENORMOUS family, all of whom (other than those who married in, obviously) have ADD, and NONE of us have EVER dreamed of behaving in such a manner.

I can't stand people who make excuses for everything... and yes, sadly, I know a few.

Good luck to you, honey. :)

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Um.. FH and I have ADD. We have never done ANYTHING like that. That is the most terrible excuse I have ever heard. This is why I will never raise my children the way some parents do now. I have seen so many parents make excuses for their kids (working retail makes you see a lot of weird parenting things) and some of them are pretty ridiculous. This takes the cake though..

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It's because the mom makes excuses that the kids a brat.

Being a parent is HARD and a lot of people just can't be bothered to raise them right (or have no clue themselves because THEIR parents' sucked).

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I know a few. They don't really want to actually have to discipline their kids, or usually they can't stand anyone besides themselves saying their baby is a brat. I also know a few people who complain on facebook about money and relationship problems all the time but get upset if you suggest ways they can change things like go back to school if you hate your minimum wage job, stop getting back together with the guy who you're on and off with all the time if he makes you that sad and unhappy, get a second job if you need more money. IMO people just want to throw pity parties, but are actually content with where they're at when they post that stuff on there.

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I agree, people want to throw pity parties and they also can't imagine that their child is misbehaved, even if it's staring them right in the face.

I'd just ignore her, she's not going to listen anyway, some people don't like to hear the truth.

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The problem is nothing will change until the mom changes (in my case my aunt). Maybe that will happen, hopefully it does. In my case, it won't and we've all comes to terms with it.
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