Anyone choose Black, White, and Silver as wedding colors?
I'm really leaning towards this color scheme, I think it'll look classy and elegant.. but I'm not sure if it would be best to include tiny pops of color [im thinking, pink] so that it wont look too simple/plain. Has anyone gone with the black, white, silver theme? if so, can you please share some pictures? i've found some on google but I really want to see how a "real-life" wedding looked lol. thanks!

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I have recently changed my colors to pink, black and white.

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I'm doing red, black and white with pops of silver. I think you need a color.

But, my personal opinion is to never use pink as a wedding color. It's very demasculating to the groom. Again, my personal opinion.

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Lol, I love pink, but when i mentioned "pink" to my FH, he made a "uh, I dont think so" look. I really love the red, black and white, but my sister had that color scheme for her wedding. I do agree with the fact that I need a little more color, though.

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What about a royal blue, or a lavender/purple? If you don't want red, what about a burgundy? And maybe keep the red limited. I don't think using the same color scheme is going to be a problem. I'd call her and ask if she minds. "You just can't figure out anything you like more, and she has such great taste! You were hoping you wouldn't mind if you use the same color scheme."

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i am doing silver, black and purple. I think silver and black would be very elegant and classy IMO. But I do have to agree with Meghan about pink being demasculating to the groom. But if your FH is fine with it then do it!! But I see that you're wedding is in September? What about a coral color instead of pink? Or a deeper color, maybe plum or something similar? Just some ideas...Let me know what you decide and Good luck!

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Couple more..hope this helps!

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Actually, the burgundy would be a definate possibility.. it would even have some sentimental meaning for us since we met in high school and burgundy, black, and silver were our mascot's colors. I can't believe I didn't think of that! ::facepalm:: I also love the way the deep purple looks with the black and silver, but all of the family weddings I've gone to this year (well in 2010) involved purple, so I wanted to break out of the norm lol

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Our colors are hot pink and black with silver accents, the groom and groomsmen are wearing hot pink vests with black ties and the gilrs are wearing black strapless dresses with hot pink sashes! We are doing white linens with hot pink runners and black vases for the centerpieces.

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Our wedding is all black and white with SOME yellow. We really had no choice, the color of the room is kind of yellow! But it worked well. Our invitations were black and white with yellow trim, our table linen is black with yellow napkins and white flower arrangements. The guys are wearing black and white and the girls are wearing black :)

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Our wedding is black, red and a little silver. I agree with the others, there should definitely be some color to give the wedding a little more life and vibrance. Good luck

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We are doing black/white with pops of silver and purple. FH loves black and purple, I happen to love black and white, and together we both love the way the silver just pops with everything...... so it just all went together without even a second thought for us.

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we are doing black, white, silver and gold. we are using a damask pattern for most things. here is a picture of some of my started centre pieces, my bridesmaid dresses and the bouquet i'm having made.

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Tashawnna we've got practically the same colors! We're doing black, silver, and purple, but more of a lavender purple.

I do agree that a hint of a color would add to your (OP) color scheme. Purple was actually our very first color choice because its FH's favorite color (he has a thing with "pimpin purple" as he calls it). He just imagined a darker purple, but I went with the lighter shade because I didnt want things to get very dark. Its ultimately up to you, but I think adding a little pop of color wouldn't hurt. ;)

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when i told my FH i wanted to do a fushia/hot pink color with black/expresso he (seriously) asked if he could wear a pink tux?!?!? hes one of a kind!!

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Our wedding is a formal night wedding and our colors are mainly black, white, and silver. We have touches of royal purple as well.

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I vote for a pop of color. My step daughters colors were black and white and I personally thought it needed a little bit of oomph!
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I've only seen those colors around the holidays, but that doesn't mean they would look out of place at other times of the year.
As for the pink accents, I think it depends on the shade of pink. Also, one mistake I think people make when choosing color schemes is that they fail to consider how that scheme will look in the rooms they will be in. Take a look at your ceremony and reception sites again before you decide.

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My colors are pink,black and white and my hubby doesnt mind at all. I guess because he knows he is 100% man. But then again its not like he will have on pink. It's all in how you work the colors. I think a little red would be pretty with your black, silver and white.

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I was in a black and white wedding a couple of years ago and it was beautiful. I don't have any of the full wedding party photos.... the BM gowns she chose were beautiful (Bill Levkoff). The only color she added was in the bouquets where she had orange and other warm colors since the wedding was in fall. I think black and white weddings are super classy and elegant.

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September Bride- I am doing something very similiar as you are. I am using Ivory, Black & hints of gold. I went back and forth with the idea of using hints of color but I think i've decided against it. My wedding is in the winter and the reception will be in the evening. I'm going to do all Ivory flowers everywhere and an Ivory cake (look at my inspiration boards for references). The girls will be in black, as will the table clothes, chairs etc. I will have Ivory napkins with gold chargers, napkin rings, and gold throughout the centerpieces and anywhere else I can incorporate it tastefully. I am going for a classic feel...something that I won't look back on and think "oh geeze, why in the world did I use those colors". I think it will turn out Timeless & Beautiful. Good Luck!
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