Anybody getting married in August 2013?
I feel like I have so much time on my hands before the wedding. If you are getting married in August 2013, what have you started doing to prepare? Thanks!

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Hi my name is Sharissa, I am getting married September 2013 . I can't wait. Al. My vendors are booked. What have you done so far?

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Yap i am 24th August!

Your right there is loads of time - but I am a bit of a "eager beaver" :-)
So far I have booked the church, reception venue, photographer and have my dress..which i couldn't pass buy, i saved £200 in a sale, about $300!. Also I have ordered the bridesmaid dresses.

I'm now working on designing my DIY wedding stationery...I'll only send out STD card in November, and invites in February. So at the moment its trial and error and scrapbooking ideas/pictures for inspiration.

What have you started doing/booked??

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Not getting married, but coordinating a wedding in August. Right now, the bride and I have:

Booked the venues
Chosen the colors
Scheduled 2 appointments for dress shopping
Have narrowed down the STD and invitations to 4 selections each
Met with the officiant and started the counseling sessions (will be complete end of Jan)
Interviewing photographers, bakers, florists, DJ, calligraphers and caterers

Next month, we will:
Choose the bridal party
Book all vendors
Choose the invitations
Start dress shopping
Make selections for desert/candy table

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Hello, I'm getting married on the 17th of august, I have the officiant, venue, reception venue, cake, dj, bridal party dresses picked, started a few diy projects, wedding bands are purchased, my dress, caterer, so far so good, still a lot to do.......stressful.... but having a ball planning !!

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I am getting married on the 17th. I started early with a lot and then got to take. Break so everything is pretty much done just paying things off and I have just started to get my dress altered,we have our venue, bridal party and their dresses, officiant, cake,dj and photographer, save the dates are out, and we ordered our invites. Stressful but I got it done early so right now we have a break and have been planning our honeymoon! Good luck on all the planning :)

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WOW! You guys are on the ball! We have our venue booked, our bridal party selected, colors selected, but not much else. I thought it was too early to send out STDs, but I think I'll work on those now. And I'm definitely going to book the officiant and start shopping for the videography and photography. Thanks everybody...I guess I can get started planning my wedding. LOL

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My finance and I have booked our date, chosen our colors narrowed down the guest list, food, chosen asignature drink and food menu, picked out favors and wedding cake.

Still have to choose my dress in the middle of weight loss program so I dont want to finalize my dress just yet. That is about it I feel like i could be doing more but at a crossroads as to what I should and need to ber doing.

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We have our date, venue, food, dj, officiant and ummm yea thats about it. I'm a slacker and like you feel like I have plenty of time. Also I'm so busy with house renovation stuff.
I'm working on invites but don't plan to send our STDs till January. I think now is too soon to send them IMO anyway. It's usually 6-8 months ahead and invites 2 months ahead. Some don't even send STDs.
I have a lot of ideas for my centerpieces and stuff, just not very motivated lately..LOL

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August 31st here. I have purchased my gown and booked the following: venue, photographer, videographer, MUP, baker, event designer, officiant, and WP/DOC. I also have chosen my BMs and they have purchased their gowns. I am currently on a hiatus from the planning until January at which point I will start to focus on all of the details and the remainder of the vendors I need to book such as the DJ, transportation, and hairstylist.

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Angela B we are date twins!

Ok so I have the dress, the venu (which also covers the catering) picked out my linen scheme, DJ, photographer and videographer booked, just bought my veil, bridal party picked (just decided to increase the number) and we are going shopping for bridesmaid dresses 11/10, have my invites designed and guest list pretty much narrowed down and that's about it. Oh and we are now shopping honeymoons.

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Hi Wendi! We have booked ceremony and reception sites, started our counseling with the officiant, and picked the bridal party. I've got my dress, veil and shoes. Also, I have someone to play the piano at our ceremony. We are in the process of getting save the dates designed and ordered. Our next step is to find a DJ.

I don't feel like I have enough time to plan, since I'm in my senior year of college and extremely busy! We both graduate in May and have a lot of homework this semester, so there hasn't been much time for planning. :(

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Mrs. V~ I'm with you on the STDs...We've decided to send them out in January (but I'm going to design and order them now using my Groupon for VistaPrint). Thanks again everyone!!!! I hope there isn't one rainy day in August!!!!

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Yea, I'm working on my through Vistaprint too. Just haven't picked out what I like yet. I'm planning on doing my STDs, invites, thank yous, etc all now in one order using all the freebies. Don't forget to use the free links with them.
And stay safe, this storm is going to be bad. They are already canceling and closing things down here in MA. :(

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Our date is August 24th. So far I have got my dress/shoes/veil, booked ceremony/reception site, booked photographer, DJ, florist, tent/chair/table rentals, have lots of DIYs done and lots on the go (thinking I need to take a break from DIY for a bit), I just sent out my save the dates last week (lots of out of country guests), I am DIYing invites and have the base pocketfold done, but still need to add the actual invite stuff. We are going for a tasting for catering next week.

It's like a second job isn't it?

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I'm August 10th. We've booked the venue, photog, dj, and caterer. I have my dress/veil and I've started making my accessories. I designed our STDs and invites, purchased our thank you cards, started the website and registry.... I've started DIY projects for the decor and centerpieces... Ummm, I think thats everything so far!

I'm doing a lot of DIY and we're getting married over 800 miles from where we live, so I have to get everything planned early.
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Hey Wendi,
Congratulations on your engagement. August may seem a long way away at the moment but it will be here before you know it. It's probably a good idea to book your ceremony venue and reception site as soon as you find the ones you like. Popular venues often get booked up well in advance. Once you are sure about the date, time and location, you can start researching the other products and services you'll need. It's great that you've allowed time to explore all kinds of possibilities. However, it's definitely not too early to start. I have already booked lots of weddings into next summer. If there is anything that is especially important to you, you might want to reserve it as soon as you've decided. That way you can be sure you'll get what you want.

Very best wishes (and don't forget the music for the ceremony!)

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I'm August 24, have the venue, linens, food and dj booked...currently scouring VP for freebies and trying to figure out my invites etc. I wasn't planning on sending my STD's until January.
Trying to gather as many DIY ideas as I can...and very open to any...hint hint nudge nudge lol

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I'm in August! So far, I have: chosen the bridal party, paid for the venue, paid about a third of the food/bar, bought my dress, bought the bridesmaid dresses, gotten about 3/4 of the centerpiece materials collected, and chosen my flowers. Oh, and I have all of my vendors selected/deposits paid. I'm also way early on a lot of this!

Edit: I also sent the STDs and ordered the programs/invitations.
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I'm August 10- we just need to book an officiant ( we have a meeting with her Thursday) and book the dj and figure out the wedding cake

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I am 9/1/2013, so pretty close to being an August bride, but not quite! I have our venue and ceremony site booked, our photographer, guest list, and save-the-dates about ready to go out. We also have our table linens, I bought my dress, and we reserved a hotel block. Our catering is also well in the works, though one of our catering vendors doesn't need much lead time, so they basically were like, eh, we got you, call us back in 9 months, haha. I kind of don't know what to work on at this point, but I'm glad to be getting a break. Part of my rush early on was that it's a holiday weekend and the first college football game of the year, and our wedding is in a Big 10 college town.
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