Any suggestions for Senior Citizens 2nd marriage
I want a small private affair on a budget. I'd rather travel on the money than spend it on the big white wedding. Any suggestions for a wedding on a budget?

Married: 04/10/2011
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rock-n-roll bride
Married: 04/30/2011
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How small? What kind of wedding do you want…in a park or beach or a church? Lot of people have great ideas on here, but we need a bit more to go on.


Mahinui Na Lani
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We are one of many wedding vendors that offer romantic and budget minded alternatives to big white weddings. The cost here is comparable to a Las Vegas wedding, and yet it is in Hawaii, in the rainforest, surrounded by orchids. We even include a treehouse honeymoon, if that appeals.

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Congrats on your engagement! It is nice to see another "mature" bride. I will be 50 when we marry in October and my FH is 63. We are planning a destination wedding in Vermont.

You could rent a small room at your favorite restaurant. I agree. Travel!

Happy Planning!

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If you are talking small, you may want to do a destination wedding just to be able to combine your honeymoon and wedding. Sometimes destination weddings can be expensive though. So another alternative is to rent a banquet hall and make it more of a celebration party where you do your vows but the rest is just a reception for your guests. If you are talking REALLY small. Have a quaint backyard wedding. You can decorate, put chairs out and do a "cook out" for the food. It really just depends on how small you are saying. What is the budget you want to be in?

Married: 04/10/2011
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So far this is what I know: Small as in close friends and family probably less than 100 people. We have selected the venue, the Officers Club at Camp Williams, Utah. It is on Sunday afternoon so I am thinking Appetizers. Something like a Cocktail hour. There are so many decisions to make. I have sons and my mom planned my last wedding so I really am clueless. I did the Big White Wedding the first time so this is really a celebration of two people who are blessed to have found love a second time.

Married: 10/22/2011
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Aww, congratulations, that's so sweet. Are you planning to decorate with certain colors or a theme? A lot of really cute decorations can be found at craft stores [hobby lobby, michaels, joann fabrics] also, dollar stores have a lot of things you can combine to make elegant, simple, yet really pretty centerpieces. Mine ended up costing $4 each. I bought small round "fishbowls", colored glass stones, and ivory floating candles from dollar tree and bride and groom confetti from michaels. I love how it looks together and it was all very inexpensive and soo easy. If you have sisters, nieces, cousins, or even your sons, enlist their help. You can find so many useful things on sale. As far as the cocktail hour goes, you can have a lot of fun with that idea. Play up the celebration aspect with a "signature drink" maybe one you both love and give it a cute name, or even with the appetizers, even if something sounds cheesy it can be really sweet and such a personal touch. [Cont]

Married: 10/22/2011
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My fh loves pigs in a blanket and corn dogs so as cheesy as it sounds I've been considering surprising him with them at our reception. Keep your ideas meaningful to you, everyone doesn't have to get it, they'll just think it's sweet and be happy to celebrate with you two. Good luck with your planning. :)

rock-n-roll bride
Married: 04/30/2011
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Well it seems you are well on your way, you picked a venue!!! That is a big decision. Even though you are less than 100 that can still be a hefty bill. You should probably start with putting your budget into WW and see where things fall. You can always change some of them, but it will help you understand how much things should cost for you. If you find you cannot do the wedding at that budget maybe you need to invite less people. Shop around for pricing, it takes time, but you will be happy in the end. And if your guests have the $$ do a destination, like suggested previously. It's great on your budget (usually WAY less), but much more expensive for your guests. Good luck and try to do as many DIY as you can! Plus, recruit friend and family, they can be lifesavers for weddings.
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