Any older brides out there?
I’m an older bride-to-be - but still young-looking and attractive. I’m 58, and this is my second marriage. While browsing at a gorgeous bridal shop, I asked the store owner what an ‘old lady’ should wear to her wedding. She replied, “anything she damn well pleases!” That set my mind at ease toward a wedding dress (I’m shopping 2nd hand) and not a boring conservative suit. (No offense to anyone - I’m just not conservative!) Are there any other older brides planning a wedding? I don’t think we’ll have bridesmaids or groomsmen, just our adult kids. We want a simple but beautiful and elegant garden wedding in our large island property.
Would love to hear your thoughts……

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I have a lot of brides in their 50's and 60's. They've all worn beautiful, classy (but not stark/plain) dresses. I say wear what you want and what makes you feel gorgeous.

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I'm 46 and it's my 2nd marriage as well. I was 19 the first time and went to the JP. I say do and wear what you want. I am only having a MOH and FH will have 2 BM.
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There are a few older brides on WW. I'm sure some of them will give you some insight.

I think as long as it flatters you and you feel good in it, wear whatever you want.

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47 here. Wearing white AND a veil. Happy as a clam. :-)

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I will be 40 and a first timer. I want classic and lace, no strapless or mermaid for me.

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I'm 42 and we eloped, this is a first marriage for me. We are planning a vow renewal and celebration with my family in Oklahoma later this year. For it I'm wearing a silver chiffon dress, originally I was looking for a turquoise dress. Over the years I've never been able to picture myself in a big white wedding dress. I'm a little quirky that way. I say wear what makes you happy and feel beautiful no matter your age.

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As a young bride, I'm usually making choices based on your age group's opinion. That being said, I'm with the dress shop lady: wear whatever you want! You don't have to worry about anyone judging you because you're on the judges panel anyways ;)

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Amen, the dress shop woman said it perfectly.

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57 here, 58 in May.
When dress shopping, I would gravitate to the mother of the bride dresses. Finally in one shop, the sales lady asked to help and fh told her "She isn't the mob, she is the bride!" Things escalated quickly and I found a dream dress I never thought of.
You go!

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Will be 48 at the time of our wedding...and I felt like BLAH with dress shopping. Never considered a matronly like suit...but sure could not envision myself in a ball gown or cupcake dress, either! I found a happy medium...a dress that was ivory, full length and beautiful...but not TOO much. Was NOT a pleasant experience for me...and I think, in part, because of my age. Did not help that the salon was FILLED with all youngster brides. LOL But am now falling into the part of "older bride!" Definitely wear what YOU want to wear! =)

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I will be 46 when we marry in October. Its a second marriage for each of us. But this is our first marriage to each other, and am wearing a REAL wedding dress. We are doing the whole thing, not minimizing anything just because we are not now "young and virginal".
I got my dress at DB. It was Saturday and so was waaay busy. Women of all ages and sizes, complete strangers, were complimenting each other on the dress they were trying on and generally being kind and supportive. So GO FOR IT. Do what ever YOU want to do! And I hope you have a great experience as I did!
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I always crack up when a bride calls me and tells me that she's an 'older' bride, lol...I tell her to stop throwing that word around!

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47 and this is my 1st marriage. Our theme is A California Christmas (classic, romantic and elegant) Not sure if my dress will be white, but I will wear a veil. I am also changing for the reception.

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Will be 44 day by the wedding, not my first wedding. He will be 34 and it is his and he wants it to be a first for us both. My dress will either be white or off-white and so far it's a mermaid dress with a minimal train.

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I'll be 57, my second marriage, FH's first. I'm wearing tea length strapless. It's white with an overlay of light champagne flowers. I did feel slightly out of place at DB because all the other brides were so young. I mostly chose the length for comfort, I hate things hanging around my feet, and if it's hot, well we all know how that goes with age, no offense. I'm not doing a veil or a garter or a toss bouquet and still undecided if I'm carrying a bouquet. Congrats and do what you're happy with.

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Thanks for your comments! It does help! I am in love with this gorgeous satin strapless bodice number - no lace, very classy and makes me look like a younger version of myself. Gotta love that!
I’m holding out, though. Can’t justify spending 2000 when it will sit at the back of my closet for perpetuity. Holding out for the miracle of that dress (or something close to it) in a once used version - for half the price - wish me luck!

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Going on 56, and decided I didn't want to do the traditional Brides dress/veil. I'm going with an ivory evening gown, halter style column dress with a Marilyn Monroe flair. Very Classy dress. Purchased brand new with tags ($940.) off of e-bay for under $100. We are having a small wedding (65 people) on a Ship in Lake Tahoe. We are both having only one attendant; My daughter will be my Maid of Honor and FH will have his best friend. We are doing a 3 hr. Cruise, Ceremony/ Cocktail reception. The ship was built in the 50's and has a Casablanca feel to it and was a luxury liner in it's day. We are going with a nostalgic theme, love songs from the 50's and 60's ie. The Brat Pack, Nat King Cole, Etta James etc....

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I'm over a half of century and doing exactly what I please. It's my wedding day and I will be a beautiful bride! I didn't get to be my age worrying about what other people think. I'm wearing white gown with a chapel train, a veil & tossing my bouquet. Fifty & Fabulous!

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Fabulous! LOL! I love your attitude. I’ll take some of that!

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I'll be 53, first time marriage, and I'm wearing a strapless trumpet style ivory organza gown with some lace. It is full-on bridal, but not fussy or princessy, which is not 'me' anyway. We're having a big bridal party because I have 8 siblings. We're not doing bouquet toss or garter thing. The great thing about being an older bride is you know what makes YOU happy and you can make it your own. PLUS, probably most of your guests are around your age too, so who is there to make you feel old? They will all be there for you and be happy for you.
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