any Italian wedding ideas?
FH and I are trying to get a theme going for our wedding.. we were going for the "fall/autumn" theme, but we are not wanting something more.. less complicated. We were shooting for Red, orange, yellow, green and brown as our colors. I still love that idea, but I want something more intimate, more subtle. two colors would be nice. we thought about taking my favorite color and Dan's favorite color, but his favorite color is dark blue and we cant think of anything that would look good with that color. So now we are thinking of an Italian theme, I am Italian, Dan LOVES Italian food we both are huge wine drinkers, we love us some good wine :)

so does anyone have any ideas? we certainly don't.. any ideas would be great :)

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Off the top of my head - wine bottle centerpieces, maybe bring in some grapevine decoration? Look around an Italian restaurant to get ideas, lol.

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Sunflowers!! They grow everywhere in Tuscany and they would suit the yellow colour that you want as well. They bloom in late summer so you should be able to get some for the wedding. wedding4.jpg (any spaces in the url are a plus sign)

Also use citrus fruits, especially lemons and oranges, they're easy to find in bulk and you can polish them up nicely with a bit of edible wax and decorate with them. Then your guests can take them home and use them for cooking or eat them!

I also agree with Holly's idea about using wine bottles as decoration as well, maybe use the corks as holders for the place cards? Maybe use have one wine bottle at every table also have the table number drawn on it?

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those are great ideas-- i actually plan on using sunflowers as my main flower, they are fun and flirty and romantic in the evening candel light :)

As for cork-- i found these great, easy looking favors-- they were coasters made of corks that had been split in half.. they look like these butw ithout the wood box around them :)

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Sunflowers will look great with dark blue. So would white, ivory, tan, pink, light yellow, peach, shades of purple (grapes?), light grey.

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Dark navy blue matches perfectly with yellow and white...

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We are doing a fall wedding but my family is a big Italian family so we are incorporating an italian pastry table (can't think of its official name) as well as some coffee station with (alcohol in it, again I can't think of the officail name but its an italian aspect we are adding to the wedding)

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Navy and pink look good together too if you really want to go dark blue...but it is not very "vineyard"

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Stacy: a Viennese table!

Randi, are you the same bride that was asking for a translation into Italian for a tattoo?

There are sunflowers all over Italy (especially in convenient!), so that should work well for you if that's the direction you're taking. Obviously put bottles of wine on each table (you might even incorporate them into your centerpieces). As favors or part of your favors, give each guest a confetti bomboniere (Jordan almonds). Put 5 almonds in a tulle bag..each almond represents something like happiness, wealth, health, etc. Also make sure you dance the Tarantella :)

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Just found the poem that goes with the confetti!

Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife --
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and long life!

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The Almonds are good. We did that. Also you can have a dessert table- maybe some Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin playing (My gramps loooved that!)

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We are doing wine on the table and I somehow wanted to incorporate wines or olive branches or rustic grapes in the centerpieces, im not sure how to though. we JUST found two centerpieces that we love though-- one is a large glass (14inch tall) and we will have flowers cascading down it. The other idea looks like this picture, with different flowers though..
I never thought of yellow and dark blue as our colors though! yellow would be perfect because of the sunflowers we will have!!!!!! they will look gorgeous together!!
We are having Italian food catered so that covers that part-- we will be having a few different desserts that are italian-- lobster tails, cannoli's, etc
Thanks Ladies, I just am going to start sketching ideas to incorporate vines and and the "Tuscany" feel into our centerpieces.thnx ladies!

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& yes Rosie, I was the bride asking for the translation-- it is still up in the air, I want to incorporate Italian into my life more-- I've had a sense of going back to "my roots". My mom and I are going to get matching tattoo's, something small that we will always have shared between us.. we're just not sure what yet :)

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I'm using wine cork place card holders I got on etsy from Gallery360.
Or use wine bottles for your table numbers like this? We're thinking about doing this.

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@Randi...I think it is awesome that you are incorporating your Italian roots. It is a rich culture meant to be shared. Don't forget to wear your "horn" somewhere on your body. It wards off the jealous curses. Yep..I don't believe it either, but I still do it.

@Rosie...Thank you for the trip down memory lane. That was my "favor" my first time around for my big fat Italian wedding.

We are incorporating our Italian descent in food. Our welcome dinner is Porchetta, Fusilli Pasta Salad and Tomato Salad. I will be serving ricotta pie for dessert(and some fall specialties). Our wedding dinner is Caesar Salad, Baked Ziti with Sweet Sausage, Alfredo Vegie Lasagna, Chicken Marsala and Sausage and Peppers. I am also doing my own sweet table. You can't find a good Italian bakery in Vermont. : (.

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Ohhhhhh my goshhhhhhh Carole, I want sausage & peppers so badly right now. We decided not to do the Jordan almonds...mostly because none of us like the taste and didn't want to waste money on them. :)

The wine cork place card holders are a great idea! If you drink a lot of wine (and recruit friends/family to collect theirs too), I bet you could make the holders yourselves if you didn't want to spend the money on them. My next door neighbors (very strangely) have a HUGE box filled with a few thousand wine corks.....god only knows what they're for; they've been collecting them since I was little.

You could name each of the guest tables after a different region of Italy (using the Italian pronunciations)...Tuscana, Sicilia, Umbria, Abruzza, Veneto, etc.

Are you and your mom getting the tattoos before the wedding? That'd make for a cool picture, and I think it'd be sweet. Did you and your FH plan your HM destination yet? Becaaaaause Tuscany should be at the top of the list :)

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@Rosie....I know, Jordan almonds are not the tastiest things in the world. That is why we opted no way this time around. Nothing beats a sausage and pepper sandwich on a nice Italian roll! Frank is actually cooking this part of our buffet. He would not trust sausage and peppers to the caterer. He knew she couldn't get good Italian sausage in Vermont.

I love Rosie's idea of naming each table a different region/city of Italy.

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Thanks Rosie-the name completely slipped my mind.

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sunflowers with blue?

invitation from

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My FH's family is Italian and his sister got married 2 yrs. ago, they had an awesome theme. They did the whole mob theme. They had red and black for theyre colors, those candy cigarettes, and all the groomsmen wore pinstripe suits. It def. had that italian mobster feel yet it was elegant.

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I'm doing an Italian themed wedding too! We're both Italian and we got engaged in Italy so we figured why not? lol
So far we're doing the cork escort card holders, using a GIANT wine bottle as a vase for the flowers at the table that's going to hold them, and going to have Italian music played during cocktail hour/dinner. We're also going to serve lemoncello. Not really sure what else we're going to do yet. I was thinking about maybe having the Jordan almonds somewhere, but not sure where yet since we're not going to use them as our favors....
I can't wait to see all the other ideas you get for this post!
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