Any 2014 brides?
I signed up to WW almost a month ago now and been looking in the forums and haven't seen any 2014 brides yet. If there is any, what have you lady's done so far? or what's your plans for your wedding?

Only thing me and the FH have done is started to think of who to invite and research venue's and Photographers. I wanna be done planning & paid for everything my mid 2013 so, we can for the most part just RELAX!

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Courtney F
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I am getting married 4/26/14. There are a few 2014 brides here! I have already booked my venue and church and bought my dress! That's all I have done, probably won't do much more for another year or so.

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Me! *raises hand*. We have talked about guest list, and are starting to look at venues this summer among loads of research.

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YAY! I'm not alone lol.

@Courtney F - Wow, to me you've done a lot since it's still only 2012. That's good though.. you go girl! you got the most stress makers out of the way.
I need to get on the ball & start getting stuff done.

@Laura M - LOL! & were in the same boat :)

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I just looked at your profile, Mississauga as in Ontario?! I am just east of Toronto ON. I also thought that I would mention my FH is Jayson too haha (his parents added a Y for some unknown reason, perhaps to make him special?)

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Hi Laura, yes Mississauga, ON. oh, cool! & that is to funny, I've seen it spelled like that before it's different.

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2014 brides! And three of us are in Canada!

I'm getting married in august 2014! We have our guest list planned, researched venues (narrowed down to two), picked out colors and a theme, small things like that.

I just want to start making decorations!

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I'm a 2014 bride. There are a few on here, I learned from a previous post

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We found our venue, I bought me dress, veil and shoes. Some other things here and there like garter, ring pillow and card box bird cage. We are doing a peacock theme.

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Artina, really? never seen any posts about 2014 brides, but glad I posted this one cause now I know there are some & we can get ideas from each other/advice and see how far along we are. Which your way ahead of schedule... I'm slacking!! lol like the peacock theme.

Justine, it's awesome to connect with lady's from Canada, it's mostly US on here I find. We got to pick a venue soon & are you a DIY bride? I'm thinking of doing like little homemade signs for the ceremony. I'm getting married in Fall/2014 & leaning on maybe getting a venue somewhere up North cause the colors would be great for pics. (signs pics idea's) - I'm crafty but not overly crafty to make my own centerpieces lol

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I am a 2014 bride! We have our venue booked and my dress picked out but not ordered yet (I should say I have my dress picked out, not we). We also have our colors chosen, our bridal party (but haven't asked them yet), and our first dance song. I LOVE seeing 2014 brides on here because for a while I was feeling as if I was the only one!

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@Lindsay.. I'm going dress shopping this weekend for the first time.. I'm excited!!! glad you found yours :) We also just finalized our color's. I'm with you on feeling like I was the only one.. all I seen was 2012/2013.. I felt left out haha!

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Me me me. Planned just about every in my head the last few months. Trying to find a venue now as I am worried about getting our date (our 7th anniversary). Going to first bridal show in July and also trying on dresses -no intention to buy yet.

Am in Texas but work in Canada. Will be in Toronto several times this year. Calgary too!

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@D1- I'm going this weekend but probably won't be purchasing yet either, just going to get a feel of what style I like. Wow, that's some big traveling!! We wanted our 5 year Anniversary date as our wedding day but that's when my FH sister graduates her 4th year of University so, we'll be going to that.

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I have to admit that I'm not a 2014 bride, but I am a 2013 bride. Much like you I've been planning our wedding a year before he even proposed to me. As of today, our venue, DJ, Photographer and Cake is booked! Starting to dress shop in the next month or two. Guys already know what they are wearing too, they will wait probably til January 2013 to get the tux's!!

I want ALL of my planning done with this year, so I don't have to stress myself or anyone else out next year. Good luck with the planning. It's fun!!

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I am a 2014 bride!!!! and a Canadian one to boot!!!!
We've mostly picked our wedding party, small details like music, colours, style and themes, stared doing the guest list. (its huge!! ):) were going to look soon at venues and I know who I want as my decorator, dj and photog.

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I should add we have our bridal party, and photographer (friends who is a pro) and our officiant - his son is marrying us.

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@Deanna, you've got some big stuff done, that's great! yes, I agree best to start early that way your not ripping your hair out a couple months before doing last minute errands.

@Lora .. yay! another 2014 Canadian Bride =) we all should keep in contact to give advice, and see what one another is doing. Thank-god! we don't have a huge guest list I would go crazy planning who and who not to invite/wear to seat them... good luck on that. That's good you already picked your vendors.

@D1- Aw, that's nice.. more personal!!!

Caylins Momma 28
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May 27, 2012 at 1:35 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Im a 2014 Bride! August 30 :)

so far we started the guest list, picked out our colors (sort of) and i picked my Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor.

we just started looking at venues...

congrats to you all! :)

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I'm not 2014, but I'm Canadian! I haven't seem many other Canadians on here. I'm from BC :)

Married: 06/05/2014
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Thank you Michelle! How did your dress shopping go? What did you and FH decide on for colors?
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