Announcing parents with the wedding party?
I am starting my day-of timeline and am wondering how to do the entrances to the reception. I will have the emcee announce and introduce the wedding party and, of course, the bride and groom but I was wondering if you announce the parents and have them walk into the reception along with the wedding party? I've seen one sample timeline that included them and the rest do not say anything about parents.

If so, what order do you announce them - groom's family first or bride's family first? And does it matter if one set of parents paid for the wedding?

Thank you!

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I know some people do, but I did not. I wanted it to be a party feel and his parents are not party people. Plus, my parents were already at the reception when we entered. They would have had to come back outside and then be introduced.

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I did introduce my parents. My parents went first followed by my DH's, ushers, guest book attendant, flower girl, GM/BM, then BM & MOH and then us. I've always seen the parents start it off, I've even seen grandparents introduced. My parents paid for about 95% of the wedding but I didn't let that hinder who walked in when or who was introduced. They are still our parents regardless of who paid. But my parents did invite everyone to the wedding per the wording on the invite. My DH's parents were mentioned when it I put "the son of" since they did contribute to the wedding. That was the only time I made some sort of reference to who paid what, only out of respect for my parents and his.

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I have seen grooms family then brides enter... I also was at a wedding where the parents were a little older and had difficulty walking in so they were announced at the table...

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Ellen R just reminded me that at my friend's wedding they introduced some people who were already sitting down because they had trouble getting around. Sounds like it's really up to you guys and what you want. You can have them walk in or introduce them at their talble or not at all.

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Yes, we will be announcing our parents, as well as our Godparents with the wedding party. :)
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Today, the trend is to introduce only the bride and groom, not the entire wedding party. Often, some or all of them have already entered the reception and are waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom. It is a bit much to have them exit only to re-enter, hence the trend to introduce only the two most important people when they arrive.

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If you have to announce, then I will do the Mothers of the Bride 1st together and then the Fathers together, just so it wont be any conflict...

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I have seen it done both ways, and I think it's just a preference. It's really up to you if you want to announce them or not.
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