I am beyond Livid! Why me???
So with 108 days left to go for our wedding we get a call from FH's uncle who is on the finance committee for the Temple we were gonna use advised us that they have decided to no longer host different events or other church meetings there because it cost way too much to clean up after ppl when they use the venue and even though we had already gotten the Bishop's word that we could have our wedding/reception there in Oct that we cannot now because of this new change. The only part that I'm thankful about is that we didn't pay them yet. BUT really come on!!! You gave us your word and we were already on the books for Oct, now thanks to them I have to pray and hope I can find a venue that is affordable on such a short notice and that one has our date still open! I am just at a loss of words right now. And because of the Bishop we now have to spend more money or pretty much lose all the money we've already spent which is almost $3000. SMH super stressed right now

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Oh wow!!!! I'm stressing with you FOR you. Good luck.

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Ask if you can either commit to it being cleaned or ask if you can pay for the cleaning costs and what they would be.

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Good idea starbuck!

I think you should ask them that! Sign a clean up contract if they want you too!

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Thank you Tina. @Starbuck FH said he already tried and they still said no, to me I was like then it has to be more than the cleaning fee that they are worried about.

SN: There was a little drama when we had first announced that we were getting married a lot of ppl in his church(FH is COGIC and I'm Pentecostal) started saying stuff about him and saying how I shouldn't marry him because of what they thought they knew about his previous marriage and the Bishop is FH's cousin. SO I'm thinking that has a lot to do with it and he doesn't want to show "favoritism" because ppl are already talking.

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Can you speak to the bishop directly and explain the situation?

Future Mrs. P
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Did you sign a contract? Pretty sure if you signed a contract, they shouldn't be able to just cancel on you.

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No apparently he's such a busy man and no we didn't sign a contract yet it takes forever for someone to get back to us. I kept telling FH to check on it and make sure we had the date reserved the Bishop's secretary called FH directly and told him yes but guess they changed their minds.

Michelle P
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I'm sorry for your situation, but without a contract in place you have no recourse with them. That's why securing the venues is always the first step.

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My heart goes out to you. If you can't find an indoor venue; have you considered having an outdoor wedding? I hope everything goes well, keep us posted.

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Thank you Robin. Right now I'm definitely not being picky were looking at all options his church, my church, venue for wedding outside and reception inside just looking for anything that is available on our date.

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Sorry!! That sucks but I wouldn't want to get married there anyway. I'm sure you will find an even better place. Stressful I know but it will work out.

Future Mrs.
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Maybe you can try a local park or a community centers? Maybe a nice senior center (I have been to weddings at some REALLY nice ones that actually weren't that expensive).

I'm actually getting married at a clubhouse that doesn't even LOOK like a clubhouse in the middle of a neighborhood with a mostly senior citizen population. They have a ballroom inside and it has a very tuscan feel. It was a random find, but it is gorgeous.

You'd be surprised what you can find. Good luck. It will work out.
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Thanks @FinallyDoingIt yeah that's what I was thinking too and it has caused me to rethink fellowshipping with this church as well. @FutureMrs I'm looking into all those options I pray it all works out too

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Alright, I guess this is a tough way to learn about the importance of contracts. But you have time, you will find a place to have your wedding =)

I couldn't even tell you how many events I've planned in my life but I have a lot of experience finding awesome spaces that people haven't considered much.

Do you have a caterer already? If not, I'd start looking at restaurants. Restaurants are very easy to negotiate away any site fees and to negotiate special pricing on food, especially if they see income they would not have normally seen.

If you already have a catering contract, look at places with space. Colleges often have amazing spaces, cities and towns do, some theaters, places with a clubhouse, etc.

I have booked a comedy club and music hall for an event on a day that they did not have an event scheduled. They were happy to have the extra income and already had insurance and liquor licenses etc. I used a summer camp's lodge, a town's theater, a cafe ....and one of my favorites...

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...there's a park in the middle of one local town that has a stage. We were able tol secure the stage for our event. I could easily see you having the ceremony on stage with people surrounding you on picnic blankets (google "UP Wedding" and you'll see some good examples of this that are tasteful) and you could actually set up the stage for the reception with tables and chairs during cocktail hour. I've seen it used for tables like that.

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Trust me lesson learned family or not this is definitely a lesson learned. We are cooking the food ourselves one of my aunts own a catering business and we have already paid for her services so that's secure. Was able to find a nice banquet hall that's still available on our date just have to review the guest list again and make some cuts.

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Thankfully we hadn't mailed out all the Save the Dates struggling to get addresses from ppl, so I told FH they have a certain date to give us an address or if not they are basically letting us know that they do not want to be invited which will save us money in the end. With all the stress going on right now I don't feel like begging ppl for addresses.

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where do you live. maybe i can help......

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I live in Phoenix, AZ

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You're going to be fine. I'm confident you'll find a place and it'll end up better than your original idea.
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