Am I being cheap?
The place we are planning to have our wedding at is a ranch (hacinda) type place and you can actually stay there. There rooms are $99 a night is it wrong of me to not pay for peoples stay and only pay for my grandparents and FH grandpa ( which both have illness to think about)? We get our room free. FH thinks I'm being cheap and says we should do purchase extra rooms for people who may drink while at the reception..
What do you guys think? Am I cheap or just wanting to save money and spend on other stuff?

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I have a hotel block for my guests close to my venue, I'm definitely not paying for anyone's rooms (although we are providing a shuttle). I've been at 2 weddings where the rooms were at the venue and never had my room paid for. So no, I don't think you are being cheap!

The only reason I would say you had to pay for the rooms is if you are requiring people to stay in them.

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Absolutely not. your guests should be responsible for their own lodging, now I understand paying your grandparents and FH grandpa but do you really have it in your budget to pay for your other guests as well(Im assuming guests and not your BP). If you think they will need a room for the night you can Block those rooms(if allowed) at a cheaper/same rate and have the guests decide.

What if everyone decides to go home that nigh? Then what?

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I don't think it's cheap at all. We were in my FH brothers wedding last June and it was in Punta Cana so not only did we pay what we had to to be IN the wedding we paid for our own room and air fare so I hardly think 99.00 is much to ask your guests to pay if they want to stay. it's not like you are requiring them to stay.

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Thanks guys and as far as BP there is only 2 that are out of town and I'm getting those two rooms held for them. Btw I am always looking for cheaper deals so in saying that my FH keeps telling me to stop being cheap lol.

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I've never heard of the bride and groom being expected to pay for guest's hotel's just part of the expense of being a guest.

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You're definitely not required to pay for people's hotel rooms. The only way it would be weird is if you're renting out the whole place and then turning around and charging them yourself.

If your FH is worried about people drinking and driving, you guys can always look into a shuttle or something.

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Thanks a bunch!

Robin A.
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I didn't pay for anyone's rooms. I assumed that people coming to my wedding would be responsible enough to judge for themselves if they needed to arrange for a ride home.

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No we are not paying for any rooms. We have blocked the whole place and if people want to stay they will pay. If there are unbooked rooms we will pay to keep those empty.

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I'm glad you guys agree. I'm not paying for peoples rooms!

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In your case no

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no way, if people want to stay they can pony up

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um... I think you are inviting adults to your wedding, if they are going to drink they know this and book their own hotel room.

I have been to many OTT weddings the only time my room was ever paid for was when i was the MOH and couldn't go to the out of country wedding and the groom paid for me as a gift to his bride cause I was a student and she really wanted me there.

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Cool I'm excited you said that I was thinking about as a gift to my 2 MOH is paying there rooms and gift bags. Both are traveling from out of state. Most of the family and friends are pretty close the furthest is someone in Weslaco Tx

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Nope, you're not being cheap. If I went to a wedding and planned to stay overnight, it wouldn't cross my mind to expect the couple to pay for my stay.

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I agree with the other girls you don't need to pay for their rooms

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No, you're not being cheap. That's not your responsibility!

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I'm glad I have so many on my side lol. I'm only paying for BP and grandparents!
But for good news guys we got the Ranch we wanted! Yay!

Hayley C™
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I'm with kris...

If the rooms were included in the price of renting out the space it would be a different story.

~ happy planning ~

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No way - Just block off enough hotels for your wedding guests but don't pay for them. That is all on them
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