Alternative names for "maid of honor" and "bridesmaids"
I have my bridal party all picked out and it includes 2 "maid of honors" and 5 "bridesmaids" ; however, I don't care for the terms maid of honor or bridesmaid because to me it sounds/seems somewhat the brides maids will do as she says--I mean come on now. This is 2011 and I think it's time to break that horrible tradition (my own opinion and not meant to insult anybody). So, I am here to ask for help and would love your feedback!


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How about calling them attendants and attendants of honor? I mean their job is to attend/support your needs that day.

Amy "Been here too long" W.
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I guess you could call them attendants.

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well, you can call them attendants, guests of honor, best woman, best women, woman of honor, women of honor, or don't label them at all. It's up to you, good luck

Shannon S.
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I think mellojean had "Dazzling Dames."

or, you could just called them the Wedding Party (or "house party" if you're Texan).
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I think the term 'maid' is not intended like the 'housekeeper' or 'servant' variety, I'm pretty sure it means female as in "maiden" and also "matron" would mean she was married. But I like the idea of changing it up and modernizing since most of us don't say we were pretty maids in a row when we are hanging out at the club! Ha ha!

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Hey Date twin!!
i do agree with Keatha but i also agree with Konichwa here too. I think all of these ladies have awesome ideas!!! I think u will find something unqiue to call ur party. Or in fact why dont u just call your group this : the bridal party???

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How about your entourage. lol

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Call them your bishes and

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Ladies of Love!

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How about listing their names under a general heading, like wedding party?

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"Sistas" but you have to say it like that lol.
I don't mind it, i was a bridesmaid for 2 of my sisters weddings and it wasn't like derogatory or anything.

"Ladies in waiting"
"Lovely ladies"
"My women" ?? LOL

I can just hear that "... and these are my women."
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My friend is calling her lone matron of honor, Best Lady!

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OMG - so glad I came upon this post! I had asked for some ideas to call non-traditional bridesmaids on another wedding website and there were so many snarky women replying, none of which had any suggestion like the ones above. For them it was "bridesmaid" or "just a guest", no in between.

These women are just as important to me as a "bridesmaid" would be, but we're not having bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle so I was looking to find a special but different name for the women who will be by my side through the whole wedding planning process. I want them to feel as special as a bridesmaid does when she's asked to be one, but was looking for a unique and appropriate name.

So happy the brides above had some fun ideas!
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