Alternate song for bride coming down aisle...
I love the traditional song for the entrance of the bride but I'm looking for something a little more different...did anyone play another song for their entrance or have any ideas?


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Check out wedding wire wedding songs. You can find pretty much anything you want or get ideas on this site.

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Thanks, helped a ton!

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Would I be standing here
After all these years
Among the stars above
Maybe not, if it wasn't for your love
Smiling faces all around
Like when a king that has just been crowned
A battle has been won
That I'd have lost
If it wasn't for you love
A fairy tale unfolds
More true than stories I've been told
At last my chance to shine
And all in perfect time
The life I once dreamed of
Who'd have thought
If it wasn't for your love
And oh the wonderful surprise
To have a light so bright it blinds my eyes
And finally I see, how it feels to live a dream
But would I have touched the sky
Ever flown so high
No not I, if it wasn't for your love


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Jaheim has a really nice song as well Forever

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Well me Im coming in to Make Me Whole by Amel Larrieux,After All is Said and Done by Beyonce&Marc Nelson is nice,From this moment by Shania Twain,You by Jesse Powell,Spend my life with you by Tamia& Eric Benet,Endless Love by Luther Vandross& Mariah Carey I could go on and on there are several great songs just search around you'll find the right one.HTH

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ave maria sounds like a pretty song..we're thinking about doing that when the bridal party comes down

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I used "From this Moment" by Shania Twain

Best Wishes,

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For starters congratulations.
I have chosen (after many options) to walk in on chrisette michelles "golden"

Please listen and then re-listen to the lyrics I promise you will put this on your strong consideration list

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how about because u loved me.. by celine dion

a moment like this kelly clarkson

im using finally by fergie

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I am walking down the aisle to "All I Ask of You" from the Phantom of the Opera played by live violinist and Cellist
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THere are SO many choices when it comes to this!!!

Check out Yiruma! He's AMAZING!!!!! You can find a lot of his stuff on Youtube:

Also, Vitamin String Quartet is AWESOME!! I LOVE their version of U2's "With Or Without You." YOu can listen to a lot of their stuff here:

The O'Neill Brothers also have a TON of options!!!
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Oh and I also second Jonathain Cain's version of the bridal march! It's awesome! :)

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WOW...thank you all, I have alot of choice now :)

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Check out "Golden" by Chrisette Michelle. This song will give you goose bumps. There is another song that really touches the heart and it's called "I'm Ready For Love" by India Arie. Check these songs out on I'm thinking of using "Golden" as my walk down song.
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Pure Soul.... We Must Be In Love

It can be used as an intro song or when you and the groom are leaving from the ceremony.

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Mine is not the traditonal wedding march but i will be going down the isle to cannon in D it is absolutly beautiful!!
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I shot a wedding recently and they used Hallelujah by either leonard cohen or jeff buckley. It was pretty cool.

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I am thinking of have walking down the isle to "A New Day Has Come" By Celine Dion. I also like "Love You I Do" by Jennifer Hudson

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i am also doing from this moment from shania......(but not haveing second thoughts and might have i wanna be your everything (kieth urban, he is my all time fav. singer and just love the music video!_ or me and you from kenny chesney (my fh loves him, i like his ol stuff and that song is growing on me) so have some thinking to do lol....congratz on your upcoming wedding
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