Alterations Nightmare! Beware!!!!
So on Friday I had my what was supposed to be my "final fitting' for my wedding dress at Davids Bridal. I took time off of work to attend the appointment and when I arrived there was no professional seamstress available to help with the final fitting of my dress. My 14 yr old daughter had to help me into my dress. When I originally purchased my dress there was an inch gap where I could not zip it up completely and was told by alterations that they could not let the sides out and my ONLY option was to put in a corset back. So my first fitting I told them if that was my only option than that is what I will fast forward to last Friday - my daughter was lacing up the corset as tight as it would go and it basically closed the back completely and the dress was now WAY toooo big all around and the corset looked like a bunch of knots up and down my back! I was soooooo upset and cried! The alteration "helpers" did nothing but tell me I needed to schedule another appointment.......

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...cont. I was NOT going to schedule another appointment and told them I work fulltime and can't take more time off to do this. They told me the seamstress was at lunch and I told them I would wait for her to come back - 35 min later - when the seamstress comes back from her lunch she looks at my dress and right away says that I shouldn't have gotten a corset put in. I was blown away and raised my voice telling her that is what your "professional seamstress counterpart" told me was my only option! The seamstress told me that they could have left the zipper in and just let it out on the sides so the zipper could go up. She told me that I could either have the zipper put back in and she would let the sides out OR keep the corset and she would take in the sides a whole lot to make the corset look like a corset (if that makes sense). I told her I am not paying anymore money, since they already made me pay for a $150 corset that apparently I didn't even need! So I opted to keep the corset and have her take the sides in. I didnt want to go thru her putting the zipper back in and it not being taken in enough on the sides to make it fit - this way with the corset I can always tie it tighter to fight properly. I go back in Tuesday evening and I pray that it is correct! You are suppose to TRUST in the professionals that they know what they are doing!!!! Just be cautious - especially when dealing with Davids Bridal alteration people becuz I do not think they all know what they are doing. Get second opinions!!!!! I am thinking of calling and talking to the manager to see if I can recoup my $150 back that they made me pay for unnecessary alterations. What would you do?

Miss S.
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Wow, I hear sooo many horror stories about David's Bridal. Sorry, you had to go through this. Personally, I wouldn't see if they can refund you the corset (since you are keeping it) but any additional costs to have the dress taken in. That is a cost you shouldn't have to cover, IMO. Good luck for the next fitting!

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Yeesh, all these bad experiences at DB makes me nervous because that's who's doing my alterations as well. So far, all my friends (only four of them) who had their alterations done at DB were all happy with their results and services, but I can't help but wonder if I'll be that unlucky one of the bunch :/

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I think it depends on the store, because they're a chain, they may not have people who have this as their lifes passion, but just a way to get money for a job. I don't know, I'm definately going to several seamstresses before I deside on 1

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That sound so stressful!!! :(

Thank goodness this was happening now instead of if you'd had your last fitting a week before you wedding

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Ugh! And this is not stress you need to be going through!

I would definitely call the manager and talk to them and voice how upset you are. If that doesn't work I would write on David Bridal's facebook page because they will get back with you there.

I hope your next appointment goes smoothly. Alterations are stressful enough. I'm so glad to be done with them now.

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Wow. Thats horrible. My dress is from Davids Bridal and i'll be honest, the only reason I am doing alterations with them is because if they screw it up, they will replace the dress and I dont know any other seamstresses.

I really hope everything works out for you!

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I would absolutely talk to the manager!

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I'm also doing alterations there. They charge for EVERYTHING. Talk to the manager. Good luck

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Call the manager

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Definitely call - they owe you your money on that corset for sure!!!

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I have another fitting tonight, so we will see how it turns out. My mom is coming with me - so she will be my back up support in confronting the manager about everything. I'll let you all know how it goes and post pics! Thank you for all your suggestions! I hope know one else goes thru something like this with their wedding dresses!

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That sounds so horrible so sorry this happen to you. I do hope everything goes smoothly tonight. Fingers crossed for you.

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Mama Bear, I'm so sorry this is happening to you so close to your day. I would be livid and hitting up every Twitter/Facebook page/Corporate number that I could find.

Let's see what happens tonight. Maybe all of the stress will be gone when you get into your perfectly fitted gown :D I sure hope you don't have anymore issues this close because we are date twins :)

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I would definitely request my money back and also ask that the manager be there when you go for the fitting as well. You may want to consider writing a letter and or filing a complaint online. I have found that putting a complaint in writing requires a response.

I'm sure your mom being there will also help.

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Any updates?!
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