Aisle Runner or Rose Petals
It looks like the ceremony will be outside with a lush green lawn leading up to a gazebo. I want to distinguish the aisle in some way. So would you suggest an aisle runner or rose petals. Right now i am leaning toward the petals cause i am just terrified i will trip on the runner or it will blow a bit or that my heal might go right through it. What would you guys suggest?

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Rose petals!! Have an aisle runner outside is a definite trip hazard. Go with the rose petals!

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I would also suggest petals. The wind can mess up the runner and help make you lose your footing. I guess the wind could mess up the petals as well, but they won't contribute to a fall.

My FH is doing a runner of fall leaves for my inside wedding.

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My aisle is on grass also... I'm thinking rose petals, because fabric just doesn't lay on grass very nicely.

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I'm doing rose petals :) I'm having an indoor ceremony.. so I could do whichever but for some reason I'm just not a fan of the aisle runner.

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Rose petals....

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Petals... I would be too nervous about walking down a runner that's laying on the grass!! Plus, petals would be very pretty I think :)

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Defintiely petals!
Every time I have seen an aisle runner on grass, it gets bunched up and becomes a trip hazard.
Also, like RobinRockr mentioned - petals would be very pretty. A bright color against the bright green grass would look great!

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I'm going to make a rose petal aisle runner! it will be two strips of fabric (likely tulle) with petals glued on the top and I will have them lay out on either side of the aisle so I won't be walking on them. This might be a great option for you so your petals don't scatter away and you won't have a tripping hazard ;)
It is also then easy to clean up.
(would look similar to this)

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I vote for petals, that's what I'm doing. I witnessed an outdoor wedding they forgot to put the runner down, ripped it( all while the bride was making her entrance) then the wind blew it....Yeah I'll pass on that
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Petals for sure.

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You also won't have guests walking on the petals and ripping them/getting them dirty.

Horrors! Imagine your nice white aisle runner with dirty footprints all over it. Yikes!

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Another vote for petals. They're not hazardous, they're super elegant, they're less expensive, and they smell pretty!

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I opted for lining the aisle. Use this link to calculate how many petals you will need based on the density of the petals and length of the aisle. It was a great tool for me.
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