Airbrush foundation in Oregon/Southern WA
I'm looking for a local makeup artist that uses airbrushed foundation for their makeup. I first tried this out last summer at my sister's wedding down in LA and fell in love! It was so light, stayed on ALL day (I was done first at 10am!), and knowing that I always get really shiny and red-nosed I think this is my best bet for my makeup look on the big day.
Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

Picture is of my friend with me just after Katy's wedding. No shine!! :)

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I'm in Seattle and using Pacific Artistry.!
I don't know if they cover Southern WA or OR, but you can always contact them and see if they have travel charges.

I haven't had my trial yet, but their package prices were reasonable and I think they all include airbrush foundation. The package I picked did, and it's not their fanciest option.
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I been looking too but I have not seen many from the Salem to Portland area of OR
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