Afternoon reception menu Ideas
Hey So my wedding reception is at 3 pm and it seems a little early to me for a whole formal dinner but i want to have food because we will be having alcohol i know i want to have a cold pasta salad with diced cucumbers and before the time was planned out I intended to serve beer roasted chicken, potato paves, green beans and of course rolls not sure if that is too heavy to serve at 3 or 4 or think of something different any ideas are welcomed my little brother is catering for me and I already asked him as well but he is busy running a restaurant so I want to have ideas for him.

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For a 3 pm reception, i would probably leave it to appetizer/finger foods. Rather than roasted chicken, maybe chicken skewers or hot wings (messy, but most people love them). Instead of green beans and dinner rolls, maybe bruschetta which has the bread and veggies.

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I agree with Lirana. Stick with apps and finger foods. Her suggestions sound really good, too!

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If you really wanted to have a big meal, the put something along the lines of "Dinner Reception and Cocktails" so people know a big meal will be waiting for them. My wedding is at two, and by the time we get to the reception sight it will be about three thirty. I am putting a "Dinner Reception" on the invite. My parents wanted me to have a full meal. Then people know that they should eat a later breakfast or something till old them over till that time but be hungry enought to actually eat the food that is being served.

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I'd stick with finger foods. At 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I'm not ready for a full meal. But I'd put something in the invites about it being "Cocktails and Appetizers" so that the guests are not expecting a sit down dinner.

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I have to agree with appetizers and finger foods. 3PM is too early for dinner. Most people that I know do not eat dinner until around 8, so a 3PM dinner would mean another dinner later. ;-)

I love Liranas ideas, although I would stay away from hot wings as they are messy.

You could do small "finger" sandwiches; some fruit (perhaps on skewers with some Procuitto); raw vegetables; a few salads; a selection of cheeses with bread (i personally am not a crackers kind of person); some cured meats (Salami, Procuitto, Mortadella, Coppa, etc.); if you have seafood lovers, perhaps some prawns and cocktail sauce (you can even do mini Prawn Cocktails (here is a photo of some that I did).

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Oh, here is another one that I just remembered. These are Endive leaves filled with Goats Cheese. Then they are topped with a sprinkling of nuts (I used hazelnuts) and drizzled with honey.

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Ours is going to be the same way. We're planning on a 2pm reception but we'd like to give people something to eat. We're planning on kabobs of various sorts, small finger sandwiches, fruits, salads, etc. That way if people want to eat something they can choose to eat more or less, or something really light if they only want a little bit since it's soon after lunch.

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I can always eat a full meal, no matter what time of day. But if you want to go lighter, I would emphasize salads, various dips, and some other appetizers.
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I'm doing fruit trays with dip, veggie trays with dip, cheese trays, finger sandwhich trays. It going to be outsidein the heat, no one is going to feel like eating a big meal.
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I'd do all appetizers, and keep it really light; it's summer after all. Add some wraps cut small or lobster rolls (also cut small), cheese, fruit, nothing too drippy or messy.

One of my couples just did this, with a cocktail hour first, then the wedding, then more apps and some display tables. It was such a nice party! Everyone mingled, (no big tables, just couches and cocktail tables) and just had a ball.

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It depends how long your reception is going to go. If I had just finger food at 3:00 or 4:00, I'd be hungry by 7:00. But If I had a larger meal at 4:00 I'd probably be good until later. I would have no problem eating your menu that early as long as I knew dinner was being served at that time.

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I would serve the full meal if that is what you want. People will eat. Putting dinner reception on your invites would be helpful but I am guessing you have probably already printed them.

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I would do variety of salads, pasta dishes, fresh fruit, cold salmon and chicken and light drinks and lemonade
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