Affordable Wedding Venues for 250 Guest - DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) Area
For the life of me I can not find an affordable venue that does not nickel and dime you or that has an affordable catering service. I want to keep food and venue under $15,000. With 250 guest it seems as though it will be impossible. Any suggestions?

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Try Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt.

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unfortunately where we live, thats like finding a needle in the haystack....

Martin's Crosswinds is defintely in that price range but the food made me sick :(.

try Riderwood...its a senior retirement community BUT the reception hall is absolutely stunning!!!

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Oxon Hill Manor could be a possible solution. If you're a resident of the area you really save on rental fees (3,000 or less). Considering on what style reception you are planning on having 250 seated with dancing indoors is pushing it. However, if it is in your budget to have a tent then an historic mansion would be ideal!

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PG Ballroom is $2400. Beautiful facility.

There's a new place in MD called Hampton Conference Center in Capital Heights. Only problem is the outside is not that inviting... a warehouse area.

And I'm researching spots on the National Harbor now. Absolutely gorgeous spots within your price range.

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Sunset Room at the National Harbor.


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The Inn at Brookeville Farms is beautiful and affordable! My wife and I got married there and couldn't have been happier. If you haven't found a place yet, you should look into it.

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The PG Ballroom has great pricing. The Sunset Room at the harbor, I don't think so. I was told that based on my party size it would be a minimum of $30,000

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