Affordable Venues in New Hampshire or Massachusetts?
Hey everyone, I'm recently engaged and my fiance and I have begun discussing plans for our wedding. We are looking to get married in July 2013 - giving us plenty of time to save and plan. I was wondering if anyone knew of affordable venues in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? To give a little bit of an idea of what we are looking for, our limit is about 6-7K for the venue (all inclusive - food, ceremony etc) also looking for an outdoor lawn ceremony :) Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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I can't comment on the cost of any of these places, but a couple of suggestions for you to check out:

The Harrington Farm (Princeton, MA)
Bedford Village Inn (Bedford, NH)
Hartman's Herb Farm (Barre, MA)
Zukas Hilltop Barn (Spencer, MA)
Wachusett Village Inn (West Boylston, MA)
Old Sturbridge Village (Sturbridge, MA)

Good luck with your plans, and if you're interested in talking about photography, feel free to get in touch!

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we are getting married at old sturbridge village. the only thing not included is the dj photographer and drinks and its around 4000. but you get food the ceremony and reception site musicians linens centerpieces and the cake

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Thanks very much for your suggestions! I'll be sure to check them out, if anyone has any more please let me know. I'm not really looking for a farm type of a venue if this helps to make more suggestions :)

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i just found this its in groton

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thanks so much Abigail for sharing this, I'll check this out also :)
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That reminds of Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA...another lovely place, and not far from the ocean.
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Oh, and just so you know...The Harrington Farm and Zukas Hilltop Barn aren't farms at all. Hartman's in Barre is a little more farm-y...beautiful gardens and whatnot for your ceremony, but besides the herbs there they also have a fair amount of livestock.

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How many guests do you anticipate? We had our reception for just a dozen people at Legal Sea Foods. That would definitely be in your budget if you're talking about a 20-person wedding, but not so much if you're talking about a 200-person wedding.

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Thanks very much Lisa for the suggestions, I'm googling them as we speak! 2d Bride, we are thinking the wedding will mostly like be around 50-85 people tops, so not huge.

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fyi alot of the venues listed above are far from afordable lol IE: the bedford villiage in for a weekend wedding is 22000 ..... YUP YIKES but there is
the colby hill in is really nice it is a bed and breakfast the innkeeper is really helpful to get you something in your price range and the food there is AMAZING. they have a nice garden we were going to have our wedding there but FMIL would like us to have it at her house where all of her girls have been married so we are renting a tent and doing it that way .... look for B&Bs ... they are cute and usually affordable (USUALLY) and and if you want to look into the wachusett Villiage inn my aunt is the person who does all the event planning for them and i can give you her contact info .... she is SUPER helpful if it was not to far for my nana to drive there thats where i would have it, its really nice there.
and to keep coasts down you can look into friday night cocktail hour reception istead of dinner or a sunday wedding

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or a ealy afternoon tea instead of sit down dinner ... just finger sandwiches and apps.
im from NH so if you are looking for vendors up here i can try and help sice i feel like i have contacted all of them in the Concord area lol

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Thanks so much Sarah for being so helpful! I really appreciate it, I know my wedding is a ways a way but I can't help but research :P If you could please give me the information of your aunt regarding the Washusett Village Inn that would be awesome! I'm looking to hopefully start visiting places definitely by the end of the year.

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anyone else have any suggestions?
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This my recommendations :
Willowdale Estates (see pics of a recent wedding we did here: password: wedding ...look towards the end of pics and you'll see their gorgeous outdoor ceremony site. food is excellent and service is some of the best I have seen

Meadow Creek Golf Club (see pics of a wedding one of our other DJ's did there last year. He & the couple raved about the place: password: wedding )

Harrington Farm & Zukas Hilltop Barn: we've done several weddings at both, excellent, service, excellent food. Harrington will be more expensive but food is slightly better.

Tewksbury Country Club: this is a very beautiful venue and I believe you can get married outside near the fountain on the golf course grounds.

Cyprian Keyes Golf Club: Beautiful setting, typical food, not outstanding but not bad in any way. The back grounds you get married in are gorgeous and the ballroom is very nice as well.

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My fiance and I are getting married at the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown, Ma. We both had a really hard time trying to find a venue that was both updated and beautiful but within reason price-wise. We found a bunch of venues that looked beautiful but would have put us in debt almost 15k. Totally ridiculous.

A friend told us of the Black Swan and we went and saw it and it was perfect for us. The menu prices are extremely reasonable and they have a good variety.
The have an outdoor garden area for wedding ceremonies and have a really nice back-up plan in case of bad weather. They are also really good at customizing things to a specific budget.

Only thing, it's not 100% inclusive. You'll need to find a photographer, dj, flowers, and cake yourself, to name a few. Definitely something to look into if you have a tight budget.

Good luck!

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Also, just an fyi, my fiance and I looked at Willowdale Estates and the Topsfield Commons (both in Topsfield, ma) and they were probably the most expensive venues we looked at.
If you have a tight budget, I would steer clear of any of the venues in Topsfield since they cost a pretty penny. When we asked about a deposit for our date, we were told that the Commons requires a 70% non-refundable deposit down (which for us was almost 4,500 dollars). And that was just for saving our date. Neither are all inclusive either. You can probably understand why we went elsewhere. My fiance and I are pretty laid back but can't justify putting ourselves in debt for our wedding day.

If you want to know more about the Black Swan (since I couldn't put everything in the first post) please message me. I'll be happy to give you the scoop. :)
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Nicole, thanks for letting us know about The Black Swan & Willowdale. I was told Willowdale was very reeasonalble...and I LOVE the Black Swan as well but was told they were high priced. Just goes to show you that "a good price" means very different things to different brides! LOL!

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Yea, I mean, we were told to check out both the Commons and Willowdale from another friend (one of them was married at the commons) and I was blown away at the prices. if I remember correctly, per person, the cheapest meal started at 75 dollars. For a smaller wedding, I don't think it would be too much of a big deal but we're having close to 120 people at our wedding. Plus, we'd have to also purchase appetizers. And my biggest pet peeve of all, chairs weren't included for either the reception or ceremony. They were separate costs!
And, Topsfield has a lot of town ordinances that would have cost us a lot of money. You must have a police officer at any gathering over 25 people. That would have cost us about 500 extra dollars. And older estates don't have a liquor license so you'd have to supply your own alcohol and pay for bartenders. There were just a lot of things that were not included that we sort of discovered ourselves. Thankfully, we discovered them before we put down a deposit.

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We have had a few parties at Alpine Grove in Hollis, NH and LOVED IT! The place is quiet and eloquent, just far enough off the highway to make it convenient yet peaceful and quaint. There are 3 venues on the property and if you're looking to have a big wedding they have enough space in one of them to accommodate 300 guests in one of the halls! The other two venues fit around 150 or less but they are so original and unique, just like the bride to be. We've been to a few rowdy parties and concerts there along with a couple very nice weddings that made you feel right at home. Everyone i talked to said the prices were beyond reasonable and the staff there goes beyond the call every time. Check them out at I always like this picture :)

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Hi Adrianna,

If you want to get married in the White Mountains in a luxury historic mansion, we boast about having the highest value and most affordable weddings in NH. At prices per head starting at $30 for award winning fine dining. I'm the in house wedding planner and charge only $100 to help you plan everything from start to finish.

We also offer a NH Wedding Planning Guide to help you through the process. Download yours here for free:

I've also attached a picture of the Manor.

Again, congratulations on your engagement!
Heidi Shellmer

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