Affordable beach wedding??
Hello, I'm just starting to plan and look for venues to hold a beach wedding on the west coast of Florida, I've been engaged for 4 years and we finally decided to get married this year but we are gonna try to save up and do it the first week in November, we are are only planning on having 24 ppl max there and a lot of the places we have looked at require a 50 min. Any help on affordable venues that do all inclusive wedding packages?

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Barbara's House of Bridal & Formal Wear

Barbara's House of Bridal & Formal Wear
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Try renting a motel conference room. They have small ones with tables you may get on cheeper on a saturday since conference rooms are used mainly on the week days. Just saying

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You can also talk to restaurants on the beach-especially smaller ones

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Welcome to the WeddingWire Community @Abigail :)
I definitely encourage you to get 'recommended' vendors right here within your account on WeddingWire!

Based on your answers to a few questions (budget, number of people, location, etc.), the system will automatically populate a list of possibilities that will fit your needs.

To start:
-Go to 'My Wedding' and click 'My Vendors'
-Click the 'Recommended Vendors' tab

This should help you get a better idea of what's out there for you to choose from!

Also, don't forget that you can search directly from our homepage at for 'Venue' vendors in your area.

Good luck and happy planning!
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If you're interested in the Bradenton/Sarasota/Venice area, contact me. I can give you some suggestions.

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Awesome, thank you guys :)

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We are getting married at A Beach Retreat in Nokomis Beach. Our venue is free because all of the guests have rented 11 rooms at the hotel. Nokomis is a beautiful beach, you may want to check it out. :)

Kelly the Wedding Planner

Enchanted Affairs
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Look for a restaurant that has beach access to a public beach find a spot on the beach that doesn't have to much traffic. Once you have secured your location contact you parks department about a permit to hold your ceremony on. You will also need to look into parking and chair rentals and a veranda to take the you vows under. Once the ceremony everyone can then walk to the restaurant.

I suggest this way because while a restaurant is a valid choice for the small number of guest you will be having most restaurants do not have access to the beach.They can not hold functions with out permits. Beach resorts own the beach that hey hold events on or have the right to use it as they see fit without having to get prior permission from city or state officials.

But like most venues like you have found out they have a minimums.

Best of luck

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You might also cobsider a Sunday-Thursday wedding. The hotel we found on the beach offered a destination package for up to 45 guests at a very reduced price

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We are using Seascape Golf and Beach resort in Destin. We are going to have about 100 people but they have venues that accommodate way fewer people for a reasonable price.
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