Addressing save the dates
My fiance and I are addressing our save the dates this weekend, and my mother thinks they need to be worded in a formal manner (e.g. "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith" versus "Joe and Susan Smith"). While we'll obviously keep the titles more formal for our grandparents, older relatives, etc., I think it's completely appropriate for us to be a bit more informal with our friends and coworkers (we're all under 30). I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this topic. If you've already gotten married or are past the save the date point in your engagement, what did you do?

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You can do them either way. There is nothing wrong with addressing STDs to Joe and Susan. In fact, depending on the formality of the wedding you are going for there's really nothing wrong to address invitations that way too.

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My opinion is that the save the dates are supposes to be informal and a little fun.

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Thanks, appreciate the help. Our wedding actually is pretty formal (not black tie, but at a four-star hotel in downtown Washington DC). Does that change anything?

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I would put Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Susan Smith. Some women prefer to be called by their own names and not their husbands'. Especially in DC with so many independent-minded career women (I'm one of them haha) I'd def. put the woman's name in there too....

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depends on the person. like, for some people i wrote, mr and mrs so and so, but then some i literally handed to them, saying the so and so family on the front... its really not a big deal. if anyone comments, then just change it up when you send out invitations

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I just wrote out the whole name, and plan on being more formal on the invitations.

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Are you hand writing the envelopes? I decided to go against etiquette and use computer printed labels. If you are going to use computer labels, my only advice would be to put the formal addresses on them because otherwise you will have to retype all of the labels when you address the formal invitations.

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I agree. I didn't do anything formal with my save the dates.

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Thanks, all! Appreciate the advice.

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WHat about if I'm inviting a friend who is not in a serious relationship but I'm allowing her to bring a guest, do I specify it in the save the date?
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