Addressing Save the Dates with guests or no guests?
I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to address my save the date cards if someone is bringing a guest.

Nothing I Google seems to help since they keep talking about using an inner envelope and I think that's just silly and a waste of paper for something like the save the date cards.

I have some friends that are dating someone, but they do not live together, should I address their guest by name or just "and guest." I also don't want to assume that they want to bring that person or what if they break up before the wedding?

I also feel awkward just addressing their name only in case they think they're not allowed to bring someone. Help please!!!!

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If my guests were married, engaged, or living together I included both the guests names on the envelope. My MOH is in a serious relationship but not engaged or living together. I mailed her her STD and simply addressed it to her. She knows that her boyfriend is invited but I wasn't going to send a separate one to him or address the envelope to him when he doesn't live there. Adding "guest" would be way too impersonal.

If there is anyone in particular that you are worried about, just tell them personally. Send them a text or message on FB informing them that they do indeed get to bring a guest. It will all be clear when they get their formal invitations as well.
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I'm having a hard time w/ the etiquette of the whole invite thing too! If it were me, I think I would state "Guest" just to let them know that ur allowing them to bring someone, but they're not 'required' to bring anyone specific! Just my thoughts though... Good luck!! :-)

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It is a Save the Date... you don't need to write "And guest" on them.
You are just letting them know to mark their calendars.
When they get the invite they will know if they get to bring a guest or not.

If you tell them Now that they get a guest, and change your mind later because of budget, you are stuck. Once they know, you can't take it back.

~ Happy planning

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Very good point Hayley! Thanks for all your responses everyone!

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My rule of thumb with these were if they SO would be invited regardless of whether they broke up I put both on the envelope. If not I just addressed it to the person I am inviting and plan to put and guest on the inner envelope of our formal invitations.

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If they are in a serious relationship but don't live together I would just include a little note with the STD. If they have to make travel arrangements it helps to know that the SO is invited. I wouldn't use "and guest".

Honestly I wouldn't worry about these couples breaking-up, you still put both names for a married couple but what if they get divorced? YKWIM?
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What if I don't plan on using an Inner Envelope?

How do I address kids under 18 in the envelope as well?

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I just sent out our save the dates this week. If they are married, then the envelope just said "John and Jane Brown" and if they had children I just put "and family"

For my guests who aren't married or engaged, I will put "and guest" on the inner envelope when I send the invitations.

I agree with what the other girls are saying. A save the date is just letting people know when you are getting married so they can put it on their calendar.
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