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I hope I haven't asked this already...
What is proper etiquette for addressing a Save the Date when you are inviting someone to bring a guest?
For example, I'm inviting my younger cousin Katherine. She has a b/f. I know she'd like to bring him, so I plan to give her an "&guest". I know I include this on the actual invitations. However, when sending the Save the Date, so I send just to her or to her and guest?

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I don't think it matters - STDs are more informal - I didn't address mine to "and guest". Unless it was to a married couple - I sent addressed them to the person directly. Whether or not they live together is another thing to think about - if they don't - then don't stress it! Congrats!!

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They don't live together. But, I don't want her to get the STD and think she won't be able to bring a guest (or anyone else we're allowing to bring a guest for that matter).
Unless someone tells me it's wrong to put the & guest on (and I agree with their reasoning), I'm going to go ahead and do it that way for clarification purposes. Now that I think of it, it makes sense to include it because we are having a destination wedding and people will need time to arrange for travel so they will need to give their dates a bit of notice.
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Save the Dates are informal, designed to give your guests a heads up of your up and coming wedding- save their money, the date for vacation requests from work etc.
However for your guest list, add 1 so that you can have a good head count.
Wishing you continued blessings, health, wealth, love and laughter from here until Infinity...

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Yea me neither. I just sent it to the addressee. If they were married or have family I would put Mr. and Mrs. or The "so and so" Family.

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Receiving a STD when I wasn't married but in a committed relationship to my cousin's Wedding, she only addressed the STD to me, but on the actual wedding invitation, only in the inner envelope did it say and Guest. I hope this helps you some. My sister's Wedding her STD actually said: Mr. & Mrs. Erick O & our son's name, and the invitation since they didn't do inner envelopes it was addressed the same way. STD's are really informal that just count 1 extra head, but you can inform her by phone or e-mail and give her the heads up that she can invite a guest to come with her.

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Yeh we didnt put "and guest" on the STDs (I know how much you love that word LOL). But we are as you already know silly goose, we are putting the "and guest" on the formal invites!!! :)

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I don't know if you have ordered your save the dates or not but I purchased mine from and they are so cute. I have had so many compliments on them. They are magnets with our picture and that way they are multi purpose. I wouldn't stress to much on them, their purpose is to just inform people of the date and you will go in greater detail with the actual invite.

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Thanks everyone for the input.

I did, in fact, get my STD's from magnetstreet! You're right, they are super cute and the people were great to work with.

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I think that you should elude to the fact that she can bring a guest on the STD, if only for travel arrangement purposes (like you said). However, I don't really like the idea of writing "and guest" on the STDs or invites, simply because this leaves it up to your guest's interpretation. What if the bf can't make it? Will you be ok with her bringing a girl friend? If you want to invite him specifically, I would find out his name and include that on the invite/STD instead. Just my opinion, but then again, my guest list is very strict due to space...if your actual name is not on the invite/STD you're not invited. If you have a bit more wiggle room with your list, this may not be a problem for you. Good luck!

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I wanted people to know right away exactly who was invited so I did address my STDs (hee hee) exactly to who was invited just as I would the invite. The point of the STD is to give them a heads up so they can plan so shouldn't they be able to plan who they are bringing? And especially in your case since it's a destination wedding. She will need to make sure her BF takes time off of work, gets a plane ticket, etc. So I don't think this is a question of formal vs. informal. it's just considerate to give them all the info you can ahead of time.

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Thanks Laura. I agree and that's what I am going to do. Hopefully they don't make arrangements too early and then break-up, but I do want her (as well as others we are allowing to invite a guest) to have time to plan without stress.

BTW, I get really skeeved out by calling Save the Dates "STDs" but it's so much to type over and over.

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Ahhh yes I guess it would make more sense for you to do that since yours is a destination wedding... sometimes I dont think LOL
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