Adding Swarovski crystals to invites -- suggestions?
I ordered our invites yesterday from Vista Print, after having a great experience with our STDs.

Here's the ones we ordered:||1,24:10073||1,24:10076||1,24:10075||1,9:10013||1,3:10077||1,4294936929:4294936327:4294936322||2&xnav=previews&xnid=button&rd=3&ref=1&referer=

I'm wanting to make them POP a bit, and was thinking of adding Swarovski crystals to some of the ends of the swirls. What that be tacky? Also, what would my craft-savvy brides suggest I use to make sure the crystals adhere properly? I'm worried regular glue wouldn't be strong enough, and hot glue wouldn't be ideal for the tiny crystals.

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Go to a craft store and get "no-sew" glue. Try it out first. Let them dry then shake them, put them in the envelope to see if they rub off. You can also get stick on tiny sequins at craft stores. Made for paper, will definitely stick.

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i just did this for my invites last night... its a HUGE pain in the you-know-where. I used tweezers and glued each tiny little crystal one-by-one.
i reccomend using E6000 adhesive ( it is what i used.
i put a crystal on the ends of the scrollwork, so 2 per invite.
depending on how many invites you are making, i would not reccomend it!! its serious sweatshop labor...

also dont buy the crystals in small packs at crafts stores, they are severely over priced! i got mine at the Fashion District downtown LA, about $8 for 144 genuine swarovski flat-backed crystals. if your city doesnt have a fashion/garment district i recommend buying online.

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i added a jewel thing on my invites. I used the crystals from a craft store - we're limited in canada. Use Martha Stewart glue, it comes in a fine tip pen and you can apply it precisely. It also goes on blue so you can see it, dries clear, and once the jewel is stuck, it's never coming off!
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