Adding Baseball to an elegant wedding?
Hi Ladies,
My FH and I want our wedding to be a reflection of us. Our signiture drink is the name out our dog,(who is like our baby)and our first dance will be a coriagraphed waltz, because I am a dancer. My FH and I are huge N.Y MET fans. How can I bring a little of what he loves,(the mets)into our wedding without it looking childish.

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Groom's cake!
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I love that you want to incorporate your passion for the mets into your wedding. You can use the team colors for your palate, your guys (and the girls)can wear baseball hats for pictures, or your entrance into the reception. You could even have your bridal party make an arch of baseball bats for you and your groom to run through, perhaps when leaving the ceremony, or again in entrance to your reception. You could give bags of stadium peanuts or cracker jacks as favors. At some point during the reception, do a "7th inning stretch".

Just a few ideas. Hope that helps!

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Mets cake topper. They sell them for most teams. Usually it's the bride dragging the groom away from a plethora of Mets items.

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What about if you haven't found your Garter Belt, why not have a Mets Garter Belt for him to throw to the single guys? I'll think of what else I can throw out ideas to you since my hubby and I are doing a Chicago Cubs/Boston Red Sox theme for our Vow Renewal. We're also having our Groomsmen and Bridesmaids/Maids of Honor make a arch with the baseball bats for us to walk through, and the guys will be wearing Red Sox Ties. You can always do that with the Mets if the colors fit in with your scheme. You can use Mets Ribbon if they make it. I'm also incorporating the team colors (red, royal blue, and navy blue on my dress in the form of beads on a white dress). Defanately go with a Mets Grooms Cake. If you like any of the ideas I'm mentioning, feel free to steal my ideas. Congragulations. I can't wait to hear what you decide to do.

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Just a quick thought, Here in Cleveland several couples have had a few pictures taken at home base at the Cleveland Stadium. Or Possible some type of Menu for your dinner, Deserts, centerpieces, and of course your wedding favors. Even a picture in your Gown in front of the staduim, with the sign in the back ground.

Best Wishes on your big day.

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it would be cute if when you got announced into the reception you were both wearing Mets caps....and came into one of the songs they always play at the ball park.

My friend and her husband are huge yankee fans...and the yankees were playing on their wedding day...there were constant score updates throughout the wedding...and they showed the game on the tvs on the bus that brought us to the reception. The NY times somehow caught wind and did a feature article about them and all that. It was really cute!

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First off - glad to hear your both mets fans!! instead of numbering the tables you could name them the names of the players, or use the mets colors, this website has NY mets garters - so cute:
or during the introduction you could have the guys walk in in mets jerseys or hats, or heres a nymets cake topper: cake topper.html

hope some of this helps!!

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Apr 29, 2009 at 3:12 PM • Flag As Inappropriate also has Mets Wedding Garter Belts and accessories:) You can also find Mets picture frames and post pictures of the both of you in those or use them for placing your table names on your tables. This was something we were going to do with the Cubs and Red Sox and place pictures of that player and have their name on it. MLB's website has some cute ones on there, even flower pots in Mets would look cute too. We're using the Cubs and Red Sox ones for our flowers. You could always have a custom Trading Baseball Card to give out with a picture of both of you in Mets jerseys and hats and stick a few pieces of gum in a package and give those to your guests for favors. We're going with the trading card as our STD.

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Here are a couple ideas of what you can do for favors and these are ideas we're using for ours: boxes of cracker jack, bags of microwave popcorn, bags of peanuts, bags of cotton candy,even M&M's (they have on Mets M&M's) and add a cute label to them in your design. I was thinking for ours just going to Sams Club (except for the Cotton Candy) buying our Cracker Jack, Regular bags of M&M's, the Popcorn, and then ordering the Cotton Candy and making the labels to put on them using my own computer and printer, and buying Red, White, Navy, and Royal Blue Gift Bags and either attaching a label or favor tag and putting something on it like "our favorite ball game snacks for you to enjoy while rooting for your favorite team." You could easily do something like that with Royal Blue and Orange for the Mets.

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Ihave somany ideas. They have Mr Met that you can have at your wedding its 500 for an hour. You can have your wedding photos taken at Citi Field 500 for 2 hours you need to bring your own photographer. Theyhave this great grooms cake that im getting for my FH it of MR met 3D bust up its great I will send a pic. They have the garter set. They have the cake topper. I got the wedding cake topper that isnt mets but its of the bride with a bat and the groom pitching to her its great still classy but shows yourl ove of the game. My wedding is next weekend so I will send pictures for ideas.

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I used bubbles for the tables in the shape of cowboy boots so maybe you could do something like that. Or have a caketopper made of a bride and groom playing baseball. While it might not fit in with your overall theme, your family will understand the connection that you two share.

Best Wishes,

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I am also doing a slight baseball theme for my FH and still wanted it to be an elegant wedding. I am making the tables stadium names and getting black and white pictures of the stadiums and I am going to be making black with silver stitching baseballs to hold them in for the table. I am also getting an old Phillies (we are from Philadelphia) ticket and making that my placecard....just making copies and where it has where you would sit, that is where I am going to be putting the couple and there table on and then I am making boards (that are decorated nice) and calling it Stadium Seating and putting the place cards (tickets) on the board with pins....I went back and forth to decide what I am doing...I am also doing a grooms cake (as a surprise) of a glove and baseball.....hope this helps and let me know if you would like specifics on what I did and where I found it.

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I have seen a couple ideas for 1 formal and the other very formal wedding. 1. Instead of table numbers, do a stadium per table. 2. instead of programs, this one wedding took a large cardboard slab, covered it nicely and had a baseball field in the middle. One on side of the field was team "bridesmaids" where it listed the bridal party and the other side was team "groomsmen" and listed the groomsmen. The owners were the parents, the umpire was the officiant, etc. Thier colors were pink for the girls, blue for the guys and trimmed in burgundy and white. It was one of the cutest things I have seen. The finished product went next to the placecard table on an easel. I thought this was a great way to share one's love of the game while incorporating a unique combination of wedding traditions and just plain fun. I work in the food & beverage industry specifically with weddings for the past 5 year, and have only seen this done once. Good luck!

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I saw this in a magazine and thought it was so cute...

The couple were also baseball fans and for their gift favors, they put cracker jacks in clear cellophane bags ties with a ribbon. But the ribbon went all the way around the bag, length wise. Where the 2 ends meet, make that the front and join the 2 ends with tape or glue. Then to hide the ends, place a card (which you can print on your computer and matte on a piece of paper in your color scheme) on top with the lyrics of, "Take Me Out To the Ball game". These were placed at each place setting.

It was so cute!!!

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As a previous poster mentioned, the cake toppers we're getting are the Bride with the bat and the Groom Pitching. I love the suggestion with the cracker jacks as that's part of our dessert buffet. How cute with the suggestion of the Baseball Diamond and using that as the Program which was one of my difficulties. That would be something up my alley to create:)
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