Add straps to a my wedding dress?!?!
I need advice! My wedding dress is strapless. I don't think I'm going to feel very comfortable in it so I'm thinking about adding a halter strap to it. But I'm not sure what kind to do. The lady at the dress shop said it should be plain material (she was going to use the excess corset tie material to make it) because there is really beautiful beading detail on the dress & we shouldn't take away from that. I see her point but I don't really agree. I am picturing so many different styles in my head....thicker plain straps, thinner beaded straps, thicker beaded straps....I don't know! Any advice??? I will upload a picture of my dress. I appreciate any tips you can give me! =)

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Personally I wouldn't I think it would take away from the dress, I love it strapless and I think it's a beautiful gown.

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hmmm...I don't know how I feel about halters. I feel like they tend to make people look top heavy. Maybe you could do those lace cap type straps?

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I wouldn't add straps to that dress. Halter is just going to make it even more uncomfortable. Why did you feel uncomfortable in it, except for the obvious that wedding gowns are not the most comfortable thing ever?

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maybe something similar to this? or the capped sleeves? I think its gorgeous as is though

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Your dress is gorgeous but i do understand. I haven't purchased my gown yet, but the one i am seriously considering will have to be altered for sleeves for two reasons 1. My mother will scream if i have on a strapless dress in church(and so will everyone else) nad 2. I will feel more comfortable. I think the thing to decide is do you want the straps to be a focal point or not. If not i would do something think and even sheer. If you want them to be more prominent then i would use the satin and maybe go with a capped sleeve like in the picture that keli attached.

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i say no to plain straps, they look bulky, yes to beaded, they cant take detail from the dress because if they are correctly added they become a part of the dress :-)

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I personally wouldn't do it. What if you wait until your dress comes in and have it fitted. They can always put in some supports to make sure that the "girls" are supported. If you're still not satisfied then I would say add the straps.

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I would be too nervous to do something that dramatic, I think that dress is intended to stay strapless.

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I had cap sleeves added to my dress.

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My vote is for the cap sleeves but I think it's beautiful w/o.

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