6mm rings and 8mm rings?
I am trying to decide between two different size rings but I can't see the true difference in size between 6mm and 8mm. Any of the pictures I find are not very good. Does anyone have their DS ring in a picture on his hand so I can see the size?

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I'd base it off of whether he has large hands or smaller ones.

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If in doubt, get the 6mm. The 8mm can be very uncomfortable unless he has very large/ long fingers.

Mrs. Boat
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Yes, this is an 8mm ring, with lots of bling :)
His hand is kinda slanted on the first one. The second one's a crappy phone pic, but you get the idea :)

Mrs. Boat
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I personally think that, if your guy has small hands, go with the 6mm. That size was too thin on my FH's hand, so we moved up to the 8mm.
If 6mm is too thin and 8mm is too wide, you can look at women's rings 7mm.

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@STB thanks thats helps a ton!

So I bought FS a "extra" ring in case anything happens to his and I got it from the Tanga.com post (can't remember who posted that) and after much searching I was able to find out that it was 8mm, and I think the width is about right!
(it looks MUCH better in person)

Thanks girls

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One other note, if his hand changes size with weather & what not a little, thinner rings are more forgiving than thick rings. For example my index finger and his ring finger are the same size. I have a probably 3mm ring for my index finger, which is quite comfy, same size ring in a 6mm gets uncomfortable.

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If you're looking for a really good example of the differences in width for rings, you should check this out http://www.larsonjewelers.com/p-336-raven-domed-black-tungsten-wedding-ring-4-12-mm.aspx I really like how Larson Jewelers makes it so you can mouse over each ring and you can see what it looks like big and you can really see the size contrast.

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i have the same problem i cant decide either
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