$6,000 dollar wedding?
does any one have any ideas on how to make a 6,000 dollar wedding possible and still be elegant and pretty?

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the most important thing is to find a cheap reception hall and maybe do your dessert and get cheap catering.

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i was thinking about doing a reception with the big white tents. would that be cheaper?

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Do you have a ceremony location and all you need are tents? Or will you have to purchase tents and pay for a venue? I agree with Lesley that the key is to get an affordable wedding venue. Plus if you find one that allows you to hire your own caterer and bring your own liquor you can deff pull it off! Good luck ;)

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First you need to make a budget, then do research on the products you are looking for as well as the quality of the places you are going to get those products or services. Look for bulk deals but remember not to compromise quality for pricing. I always recommend getting a wedding planner. They have great connections with the vendors in the area and can point you in the right direction with your budget. Hope this is helpful! Have a great wedding!

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Dear heather m.: I would like to suggest that you hire a wedding planner. She or him will create, organize, plan and a lot more for that special day of your!

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check prices and do your research. I did and saves $200-600 on all my venues!! Also you can ask around and married people at what they used/liked.

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I am having a 5,000 dollar wedding. We are having a small wedding, which cuts down on the cost. We are having a beach wedding and a small reception. Biggest think is do lots of research!!!!!!

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The larger your wedding, the more it'll cost. The bigger your guest list, the more you'll have to pay for food/liquor. The reception is the bulk of the wedding...remember, you'll cut costs by cutting your guest list--don't forget, you'll be feeding the bridal party as well as the dj, photographer, etc. Buy things on sale and off season if possible. Key, start EARLY and buy along the way--if you're not getting married ina church, see if the venue can flip the room for the reception--that way you can avoid the extra ceremony charge and maybe even the limo to the church--buffet instead of plated--timed open bar instead of unlimited--cupcake tower with top cake instead of all cake--one friend of mine used a beautiful dummy cake and had a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen which they cut for the guests! It was beautiful and no one ever knew!!

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you definitely can, if you are crafty! it's easy to get carried away when shopping for a dress, photographer, or cake...just watch the budget....the choices you pick can be elegant, simple, and classy!!! diy flowers, invites, and favors if you must.

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My FH budgeted 10,000 for ours but I don't want to spend over 7,000--I don't believe in being wedding poor--we startd a wedding savings account so as not to charge anything--life does go on and I will not start out long-awaited, wonderful life in debt!!!
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Keep your guest list small, don't serve alcohol, do a lot of searching and make smart decisions! :)

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@ Cherly very good advice! I want to say that tents are expensive and I don't think they are the best thing to go with if your on a tight budget. Just think that if you rent a tent then you have to rent the table, chairs, lighting etc. So again, just like what everyone has said, try to find a good priced venue. Were getting married on a Friday and that is way cheaper then Saturday...think about a Sunday wedding too. Also, look around to see how you can cut cost. For example I did get my FH ring from JVLJewelry for FREE yes, and it came to the house fairly fast. I took to get checked out and they said it is indeed great quality Tungsten. I am going to a bridal show tomorrow and they are handing out free toasting flutes! Just really get in there and look around and talk to others...you can do it! Our budget is about $25,00 but we're having around 200 guest and I am always looking for ways to cut cost but still keep everything nice. Hope this helps :)

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Exactly, we're getting married on a Sunday only because that date is the first time we spoke to each other in 32 yrs..just happens to fall on a Sunday [which is less expensive. Costs can really add up with tents as Soon says, silverware, plates, etc really adds up--u'll probably needs heaters too.

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I'm not really sure how to make a wedding 6,000 dollars. I do say maybe having family members bring food is one or ordering from places that are cheaper. How many guest do you have?

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we are on a budget, make sure you do a lot of things yourself , like invites, save the dates, the reception is what costs , so cut your guest list down and make ur own centerpieces.
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The more you plan ahead, and do yourself the easier you will find to stick to your budget. You could also look at different reception ideas such as appetizers only or a dessert reception. The size of your wedding party and the number of guests will make a big difference as well. In my experience tents aren't always very affordable as you have to budget in all the rentals (tables, dance floor, lighting, tableware, etc etc).

I would look for a hall or a venue that will supply the most for the money. Make sure they will include your tables, chairs, tableware and if they have a kitchen or the price includes the food it will make things easier for you. All inclusive packages are going to give you the most for your money if you shop around.

Be creative as well. Don't just look for "wedding" when you start looking for decor, location etc. Think out of the box. As soon as "wedding" is stamped on something the price can go up pretty quickly.

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my budget is $7,000 max. 60 guests. It is possible, you just have to really look around and be somewhat crafty. For instance, i bought 70 plain wedding bubbles @dollar tree for $7 total :) went to walmart, got ribbon for $0.49 a roll. 1 bag of red rhinestones $3.00. Tied red and black ribbon around neck with a rhinestone on top. look adorable and spent maybe $12. I also found alot of stuff cheap on ebay. Its possible, just keep your eyes open!

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Watch your guest list is deff #1, also read big wedding small budget! I will tell you this we were going to put tents in our back yard and with chairs lightin floor tables, ect. It cost more than the hall we ended up going with that includes all of that
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Look around for low costs alternatives like fire halls, elk lodges, etc. They can be mush less expensive then a Country Club or other Wedding venues. I've DJ'ed at many places like this that have been very nice.

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the reception will cost the most $$$. invite only close friends and relatives.. it reduces costs on everything: catering, favors, decorations. also, the smaller your bridal party, the less you will have to pay on gifts, flowers, hair, makeup, etc... you can do it!
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