300 guests buffet or family style?
Hello everyone! I will be having a 300 guest wedding. If you were at a 300 guest wedding would you rather eating be family style or buffet? I really dont want to do menu plated. I am not sure why but I just dont like

Wedding: 08/29/2015
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Family style. That many people would make a looong line and people would have to wait a long time for food.

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Thats what I am thinking. I dont people waiting long and I dont want it to eat up a giant chunk of time at the wedding BECAUSE it too so long. My family dances at weddings and has a ball. Thats where I want the bulk of the time. ha

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Since plated is not an option I would rather have dinner served family style. The buffet line would take half the night with that amount of people.

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agree with everyone else that family style is the way to go... IMHO if I was a guest at a 300 person wedding and stuck at one of the last tables I would be kinda mad about waiting so long when the first people would/may be on their 2nds or 3rds

Wedding: 08/29/2015
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Thanks for the opinions everyone. :)
Now to only talk my mother into the family style as being better

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We have just 300 invited. We are doing buffet style.

Guess I am the odd man out.

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Family style. Wouldn't want to wait in a long line of 299 other guests.

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Family style. I was just in a friend's wedding where it was buffet style, but we(wedding party) were served family style and we finished way before everyone even got food and were just sitting there for like 1/2 an hour or so. It did remind me why I hate head tables as well as large weddings with buffets.
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If you end up doing buffet, would it be possible to have several serving stations?

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We are doing stations. We will have 6 different stations and there will be 2 of each of them for about 250 people. If you go with buffet, talk to the venue about multiple double sided buffets which is what they came up with 1st until I decided on stations.

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Definitely family style. I don't want to imagine how much time buffet would take.

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I was just at a 250 ppl wedding & it was family style. It worked very well. Can't imagine doing a buffet for that large a crowd...

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I should add we have three different stations so no one will be waiting in line for hours on end

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Definitely family style...even with that many stations, people moving around in a space and coming and going makes a lot of hustle and can lead to backs ups and long lines, it will also put a delay on the fun part of the wedding...the DANCING!!! Family Style all the way!

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Family style.

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We had a double sided buffet and it went really fast.
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I would say family style or a double sided buffet. I've been to a wedding with 200 people with a double sided buffet and it really went fast.
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