2nd Marriage & Invitations
This is my 2nd marriage (first real wedding) and I am not sure how to do the wording for my name. I really don't want to put my 'current' last name which is my ex's... but putting just our first and middle names looks awkward.
Is there anything ettiquette wise that states I can't/shouldn't use my maiden name on the invites? Even though it's not my legal name?
Also any ideas for wording when all parents have remarried and you don't want to us the phrase 'together with their parents'.
ugh-- what a mini headache!
Thanks All! I have truly appriciated the postings and advice you have put up for others and hope you can help me out.

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Just don't put anything about the parents. If this is your 2nd marriage you are good and grown lol so just have the invitation be from you and your FH. As far as the name, I really think you should use the name that people know you by. If it eases the impact a little, maybe use your maiden name instead of middle name? For example Patricia Jones Smith instead of Patricia Ann Smith?

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Been to the ballpark here more than once too... for our wedding I used my maiden name for my last name. Legally it's still my previous marriage last name. But after the wedding it will be my FH's last name. I didn't see anything wrong with using my maiden name instead. Anyway, thats how I handled it.

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I really am not sure the answer to this question, but it seems like you should use your legal name...Are you and your FH paying for the wedding or your parents? When I had my invites done it said "Mr. and Mrs...." request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter "Bridget Denise" to FH's full name...son of....
Maybe if your parents are hosting you could just leave your last name off completely. Good luck!!

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I should have put this in the initial post... our parents are hosting it... so we'd like to give credit where credit is due... if that makes sense..

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Just I noticed I said used as in past tense...lol. The wedding is in March. I did the invites with my maiden. There you go..lol!

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Re: mine is 2nd marriage also. On the invite we didn't include parents. We just put "because you have shared in lives, by your friendship and your love, we invite you to share in our sunset wedding ceremony on ...". Seems a bit weird to me to have the parents on the invite of a second marriage, unless they are paying/hosting the wedding.

About the name, apparently if your parents are on the invite you don't need to list your last names. However if you are hosting then your last names are expected. I guess it depends on whether people will know you by your maiden name.

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Wow well that makes it difficult to include all parents and everyone is divorced. Well not difficult but you can't choose a small invitation lol! Maybe you'll get some guidance from here: http://www.invitationconsultants.com/samplewording.aspx?p_subcategory=200

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I JUST mailed my wedding invitations on Monday and we too are getting married for the second time. I can send you a sample of the text we used if you'd like. Also, the company I worked with was absolutely amazing!!!! www.moderngirlinvitations.com. Autumn is who I worked with and I just can't say enough wonderful things about her customer service. If you send me your e-mail I will send you our proof.

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You could always word it Mr and Mrs. Bob Jones would like to invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Erin Lynne to...

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It doesn't take very much to change your name back to your maiden name. Just take your divorce decree to the local government office that handles name changes and voila. It will be official immediately and you can stop worrying about the name part. My only thought is that if no one knows you by your maiden name it will bring it to their attentions when they see it changed on the invites, whereas if you just leave it, it might go unnoticed. But I understand the way you feel about having your ex's name. It was the first thing I did after my divorce, to get back to my real name.

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This will be both of our second marriages.. I had a hard time with the wording, but it say to use your legal name which would be your ex name / the name everyone knows you by.I would rather use my maiden name, but I never changed it back so, people dont know me.
Because we have children(5) our invites will say there names in it. Example:

Name,Name, Name, Name and Name

Request the honor of your presence

At the marriage of there parents

First and last name


first and last name

Saturday, August 6, 2011
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