20s/30s mafia theme
We've decided to go with a theme since its a second marriage for both of us. I'm planning to get a dress made. I think we're doing black, white, and dark red, but I'm really not sure what to do for decorations. Any ideas for a 20s/30s mafia theme would be great. Thanks so much!

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Sounds like a fun theme, full of potential..

Check out these movies for inspiration, colors and decoration - "The sting", "The cotton club", "Bugsy", Those are chock full of great design ideas.

Hope this helps!
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Check out old Film Noirs of the 30's. They will give you a lot of inspiration. Also you can't forget the fedora's, classic. Sounds like it will be a very cool wedding.

Let me know when you are ready to book your wedding photographer.
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For one thing, definitely got the vintage Rolls Royces. That will be a perfect touch. For reception decor, stay slick. The tall eiffel tower vases with feathers would definitely be cute with that theme. It's a little Hollywood as well. If you hate feathers, top the vases off with either white or red roses and bursts of white orchids. Or small round vases with domes of red or white roses. Lots of candlelight and shimmer. Bouquet jewels, hanging crystals, marbles and gems in the centerpieces, all that sparkling will be very sleek.
Have Fun!!!

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we are doing zoot suites and flappers....just need to find matching invites
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