2014 Brides UNITE!
When's the big day, and what have you got planned so far? I feel like it's too early to do anything but I REALLY want to! We need to stick together and keep each other sane for the next two years :)

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Courtney F
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My wedding date is April 26, 2014! I've already done some planning, I booked the venue, church, and bought my dress! I am so excited to do more planning! These two years better fly by! haha

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It's never too early to start planning!! It can sneak up so fast!

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OMG a bite!!! Glad to know I am not crazy for wanting to book my venue this year teehee!

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EEEE FINALLY! some other brides that are going just as crazy to start planning as me haha

I have to plans, and i need to decided which one i like, luckily we have some time :)

april 10 was are original plan for costa rica manuel antonio for a villa there

or august 2 and it would be at my families summer home in sylvan lake (in alberta)

I cant decided which one i want but i hear you on the book of the venue i want to so badly haha once i decided

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Courtney- Wow now I feel like i can start planning too and not be told that I am crazy! I can't imagine getting my dress this early i am too indecisive and will probably be changing my mind a lot, but kudos to you!

Justine- Hello fellow Canadian and 2014 wedding date person...lol. We have so much time to make decisions, change our minds, and change them again! I am not sure if that is a good thing or not though because I can be very indecisive:(..Good luck to us!

Courtney F
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I called the venue I wanted right after I got enagaged and they told me I should book ASAP because they already had people booking for 2014! I was really surprised but wanted the venue so I had to book it. We already knew which church we wanted to get married in so once we booked the venue we booked the church because our date was set and we didn't want to end up not having the church we wanted because we waited.

I was really nervous about buying my dress this early, but I really wanted to look at dresses. I found the perfect dress, it is exactly what I wanted. My mom and sister both cried and I am so excited to wear it!

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Hello 2014 Brides! Just wanted to send love and support your way.
I'll be getting married in 15 days, and like you, was engaged for 2 years. Here's a few words of advice:

Dont stress the planning. Take this time to just enjoy being engaged to your true love. Don't be afraid to play it up when you go out to dinner by telling the waiter or waitress, "Hey, we just got engaged!!" Trust me, freebies will be coming your way! Dont waste your money on expensive "planning kits" or books. Go to a cute stationary store and find a blank journal. Carry it with you everywhere. Write down your thoughts, decor ideas, timelines, budgets, everything. Mine even had a little pocket in the back that I kept magazine tear outs or business cards of awesome vendors.

You will probably have a vision by Year 2 and its all written in your handy notebook. Divide up each step by completing a few tasks each month. Stay organized but don't obsess. Trust me, your FI will thank you. Best wedding wishes!

Courtney F
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Congrats our your wedding Cheryl!!! Thanks for the advice!!

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We have chosen 2/15/14 and I'm already beating myself up because I cant find a venue. Or my wedding colors is it that hard to find midnight blue. lol Hopefully we don't have to push the wedding back due to finances but so far everything is working out. I wouldn't mind anyways because it wouldn't change anything, but if I can't have february I want september then. :) Good luck everyone Cheryl good ideas everyone loves freebies lol.

Caylins Momma 28
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our wedding date is 8/30/2014

we have our venue picked out but not booked
bridesmaid dresses picked out not bought
colors picked out- malibu blue & light pink
guest list done
theme is beach/lake

i wanna do more but guna wait a little longer, just looking at ideas for now


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I LOVE this thread! Everyone keeps telling me it is way too early to plan but personally I feel differently. I am horrible at making decisions and with all of the options regarding decor and bouquets and what not, I feel that the two years of planning is actually good for me personally.

So far I have booked my venue. We had to because the one that we want is very popular in my state and has already started booking for 2014! However, our church will not book us until the end of 2013 so we have not decided yet if we are going to stick to the church or just get married at our venue.

I have chosen my dress. I have not ordered it yet since I am trying to wait as long as possible so it won't have to be stored at the store for as long.

I have chosen my colors, pink and gray.

I have chosen my bridesmaids but I am not going to ask them until 2013.

Song is chosen - God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton.

Cake flavor is cannoli cake.

Photographer and DJ chosen but not booked yet.

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Anyone else get weird looks when someone asks you your wedding date and you say 2014? lol. I always feel like I have to justify the reasoning behind a 2014 date. It's annoying!

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Laura M - yes!!! and some people want us to move it!

Our wedding date is 12/13/14 - our 7th anniversary. I never saw marriage in my future, and he was married twice. As a joke/lark one day when a discussion about wedding dates like 11/11/11 came up it was mentioned that we should be married on 12/13/14. When we figured out it was a Saturday - that became our "if we ever get married" day. Fast forward a couple of years - and found out 12/13/14 is the last "numbers" date for very long time which made me start to worry that we would not be able to get the venue we wanted because someone else might have already booked it. Thus the planning started and we officially got engaged.

We have picked our colors, have a great idea for centerpieces & flowers. I have tried a few dresses on to see what style I want/like. Plan to look at venues this summer. Have done the budget and guest list and picked our wedding party. It is pretty much planned it in my head just need to pull the trigger.

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Courtney that is my date as well! April 26, 2014 better hurry! I JUST picked my venue. I am having a destination wedding in Jamaica (Negril). I will have guest stay at Moon Dance Villas and overflow (if any) at Moon Dance Cliffs. I amw aiting for pricing so we can lock in 2013 rates. Rates obviously won't go down so this is the benefit of booking in advance. Can't wait for last minute deals when wedding planning! :)

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Lindsay H! i think we are wedding soulmates.

my colors are pink and grey and our song is god gave me you!

Courtney F
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Laura, people give us looks all the time when we tell them the weddings not until 2014! People think we're crazy for picking a date so far away. It's like people don't understand that we need to have money saved and stuff!

Anissa J- Yay for having the same date! I can't wait! haha

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YAY so glad I am not the only one! We've decided late September or Early October 2014. I was worried I was starting too early but I am so glad that there are others out there! Is it too early to look and try on wedding dresses? I wouldn't buy one until the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014 but I thought it might be smart so I can see what looks good on me and what doesn't. Any thoughts?
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Just though I'd let everyone know I created a Facebook for other 2014 brides like us! I'd love to have you all in it. We can discuss everything from wedding planning to life in general. Hope to see you soon! :D -Shanice


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We have booked out venue (ceremony and reception) :) We've been doing research for a photographer atm and I have been obsessing over looking at wedding dresses online and avidly culling my wedding binder. We are also starting to collect pieces for the reception since it is a lot of DIY

Married: 06/05/2014
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Yayyy Justine I am just seeing this now! We're twins :)
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