$1,000 budget!!!!!
hi! my name is jackie, and i got married april 28th 2012. AND i did it on only $1,000!! that's it! just one grand! when i first started out i posted in an attempt to get some helpful suggestions from brides. i got a lot of negative feed back people telling me it wasnt possible. well, i did it!!! and i'm here to help all my fellow budget brides the best i can by telling you how we did it. our guest list was 50. then it went up to nearly 150! but we took control and cut it back to 75 only about 50 showed. :-) but we had enough food to serve 75. here are my money saving tips...
1. use craigslist or other 2nd hand sell websites.(remember people are usually willing to barter!!)
2. hit yard sales and thrift stores! and the "whole sale" stores that specialize in party supply's.
3. hostest/wounder bread store if you have one in your town.
4.have friends/ family willing to help?! USE THEM!!! (trust me!)
5. dollar tree! not every store carries the same items/products.
to be continued......

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6. dont under estimate free stuff! totallyfreestuff.com or Google free wedding stuff. even if you dont think you will use it sign up for it anyways!!!!
7. if you attend a church regularly do ask. if you can use the location for ceremony and reception.
8. clergy/ministers ect. are very expensive!!! have a friend who will speak in public? they can marry you!!!!!! (in most states) go to" theamm.org. for more info and its free!
9. avoid a bakery or fancy catering if possible. or at least call around!

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i hope this helps. if you have any questions comments or concerns please ask i will be more than willing to answer your questions to the best of my ability's!

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I know it can be done our budget is a little over 1,000 but not much more than that.Congrats!

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Did you take photos? Do you have pictures?

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Congrats Jackie. Can't wait to see pics.

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GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!! I refuse to pay full price for anything! Im so cheap. There are millions of coupons out there, just gotta look. Also, look around at stores, and then when you do that, a lot of times that same item is on their website, and might even be cheaper there, and they will price match it, and you can use a coupon on top of it. I got the fabric for my centerpieces (should have been $259), but I got it for $35. My gown was on sale $400 off, I go 50% off of all the GM tuxes (and my honey's is free), got the BM gifts (black and white diamond cluster necklaces that match the wedding for $20 each with a coupon (should have been $99 each). I hit up Hobby Lobby when all the wedding stuff is 50% off, and they have coupons on CouponAlert a lot too. I booked my photographer right before the new year, got last years prices and since it wasn't wedding season he gave me a HUGE discount if I paid in full - so I did and got my DJ and Photographer for the (more to come)

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whole day for $1000 dollars (thats photographer and dj)!!!!!!! I bargained with the venue and got a ceiling treatment over the dance floor free. Lots of others, I would love to do it all $1000, so holy crap good for you! I am not THAT determined! So proud of you

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I went to a wedding once that cost $800, so I had no doubt you could do it! I hope you had a blast. It would be great to see pictures.

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Congrats Jackie, it seems you had a good time? Was your dad able to make it?

I can't wait to see some pics of the happy couple!

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thank you all. and i'm glad im not the only one who made a tight budget work, i admit it wasnt alway's easy but we did it! :-) i was busy and didnt take many pic's m self but i did post some to my profile so feel free to check them out. to ea of my comments i will a a few pic's. but as soon as we get our pics from the photog. and friends/family i will add them to my profile to. :-)

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p.s. no i dad wasnt able to attend. but we had 3 or 4 people taking pictures and 2 camcorders. so hopefully we have enough so when he see's them he will feel as if he is therewith us! :-)

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Congratulations @Jackie! I'm so happy to hear you had a great day!! :)

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Way to go girl :) That is awesome!!!


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Congrats Jackie! I applaud Jackie's priorities -as you can see Jackie' a wedding was simple, small and sweet. She had a lovely day with family & friends and best of all she is married to her love. That is whats most important. For the rest of you -it can be done BUT please don't set your heart on a DT affair with this budget ( unless he's a friend of yours) if you want a platinum wedding, it has costs associated with it & you should know that up front. Nothing wrong with either end of the spectrum... Just keep it realistic & enjoy the wedding planning ride.
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Way to go, Jackie! It looks wonderful. It feels so good to be able to say that the one thing you didn't stress about for your wedding was debt! We came in just under our $5000 budget with about 120 people. :-)

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@studio-g-occasions what a DT affair?

i know my pictures suck. i dint have the time to take the nice pictures after the setting up was done. the chairs had covers on them. the sweet heart table was decorated.
we had our wedding at 620am!!!! yes that means in the morning!!! and the reception followed immediately after. we had 50 guest out of the 75 we expected. and lots of left overs we served scrambled eggs, sausage mini hotdogs in bbq sause, assorted flavors of bagels and English muffins with all the fixin's! milk( with strawberry and chocolate syrup on the side) apple juice coffee and hot chocolate. my cake was delivered the night before. it was a double layerd 2 tier cake. i carried 18 read roses down the isle. my dress cost me about $150. the favor's i got from craigslist, i got 50ct 4'' tall. they were glass hearts with cork tops that had sand in them. i paid $20. i dumped out the sand cleaned them and added Hershey kisses (33 in ea.) and dove chocolates (2 in ea.)

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i only have 3 shoulda-would-coulda's.
1. we should and could of started set up thursdsy not friday.
2. i should have stood up more for what i wanted (a.k.a. a bide-zilla)
3. i would triple and quadruple checked the bed room before we left the house friday.
other than that it was fine. i dont have any complaints (yet) we'll see when i get my pic's).......

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Congrats Jackie!

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Way to go and thanks for the helpful tips!

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