Bridesmaid Dress Trend Predictions: Fall 2014

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As you probably can tell, we're pretty psyched for New York Bridal Market. We're spending this week looking into our crystal ball to try to predict the trends for the upcoming season, and today we're looking at bridesmaid dresses. Now, we don't really need any sort of psychic powers to predict bridesmaid trends - we just need to look at last season's wedding dresses! Bridesmaid dress trends are frequently inspired by what the brides are wearing, so here's our predictions for this season's styles for 'maids.

Solid Gold

We saw a real return to glamour at last season's bridal market (in no small part thanks to the Great Gatsby movie), so we think metallic bridesmaid dresses, especially gold, will be all the rage this season to match.

Dress by Alvina Valenta

Photo by Robert Mitra
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