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First dance
First Dance

Celebrate your love with your first dance as a married couple! Every couple is different. Choose a song that represents your relationship and style.

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Mother son

A very sweet gesture from the groom to his mother, this is the groom's opportunity to honor and thank his mother for all she has done.

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Father daughter

A very sweet gesture from the bride to her father, this is the bride's opportunity to honor and thank her father for all he has done.

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Last dance
Last Dance

Let's celebrate the happy couple one last time! You may want to choose a song that also thanks your family and friend for their love and support.

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Wedding DJs can impact your entire event like no other vendor. Your wedding day is more than just one big celebration, it is a sequence of special events, each deserving of it's own special place in time. It is the responsibility of wedding DJs to ensure that your event moves smoothly and fluidly from one perfect moment to the next.

Wedding DJs are in charge of creating ambiance. All has been planned down to the last perfect detail... the guest list, the color scheme, the fabrics, the dress, the location, the food, the drinks, and wedding DJs tie it all together with the perfect ambiance to enhance every moment and create the ultimate wedding experience.

Have you ever seen an incredible movie with a lousy or inappropriate soundtrack? In the same way a soundtrack can make or break a movie, your wedding reception dj can make or break your special day. In almost every wedding there is a time for casual relaxation and a time for heartfelt sentiment, there is a time for upwelling of emotion and a time for laughter, there are many special moments for the bride and groom and there is time for everyone to dance... the key to your perfect day is making sure that each moment is planned for and wedding DJs must have an understanding of exactly what you want each moment to feel like.

Make sure to check with the venue for restrictions on wedding dj services. Often times the venue will have a list, however the wedding DJs on the list are not necessarily the best for you, and the venue may be welcoming of outside wedding dj services.

A dj for wedding receptions is a great way to give yourself nearly limitless options for sounds throughout the day. However, make sure to get a list of the wedding DJs music collection and provide the wedding DJs with at least two very specific lists. One list of songs that you absolutely want to hear during your day and even at what specific times during the day. The other list should be a list of songs or musical categories that you absolutely do not want to hear.

Sound set the mood. Make sure to spend some quality time considering the sounds of your event. To get started simply type your city and state or postal code into our search box for a list of wedding DJs in your area.

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