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Where to buy bridesmaid dress
I've been looking for bridesmaid dresses for months and I just can't find anything I like. I have 5 bridesmaids, and one of them lives out of state, and the only dress shop that I've found that is in both states is David's Bridal, but I can't find anything that I like there. Any suggestions on shops I can go to that are available in both Ohio and Illinois. I'm nervous to buy dresses online because you can't try them on first, so I really want to go to an actual store.

Married: 06/06/2009
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Married: 06/27/2008
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Apr 14, 2008 at 11:40 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Why not invite your lovely bridesmaids, for a fun bridal weekend.
Let them know you guys will be in search of bridesmaids dresses, and other girly stuff, so it's important they make it!

Otherwise, the only store I know of that's almost in every state is JCrew.
They carry a bridesmaids line that they will bring into stores for you to try on before purchasing.

Good Luck!
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Hi there!

I have an idea that just might work for you. There is an online wedding dress store called House of Brides. They carry bridesmaids dresses and more, at a discount. If you link through from my website - - you will even get free shipping! They honestly have tons of styles and this way, everyone, no matter where they are located, can view dresses and purchase them online. They have an entire tailor's section and they will help you with fittings/sizes etc. I hope this helps!!

Marnie Nemcoff
Author, The New Rules of Engagement

Married: 04/26/2008
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Apr 14, 2008 at 3:18 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
You might want to be careful about having your bridesmaids buy their dresses at different stores. Even though the colors are standard in theory, there can be noticeable color variations among different dye lots. You'd probably be better off having them all order online at the same time.

Married: 08/09/2008
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Apr 14, 2008 at 3:30 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Have you looked at various dress designers websites? My dresses are Watters & Watters ( and some other designers I liked were Jim Hjelm ( and Bill Levkoff ( Bridal stores all over the country carry their lines, so I'm sure your bridesmaids in Ohio and Illinois could easily find a store near them that carries the line. I suggest that you browse their webites and write down the style numbers of dresses you like, then email them to your girls and they can go to a store near them that carries the designer line and try them on. That's exactly what I did (my bridesmaids are scattered across the country). Once you choose your dress and color, have each of the girls get measured at a local store and then call their measurements in to one store in your hometown and they can have their dresses shipped to them. Good luck!

Married: 03/01/2008
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I looked at David's Bridal a few times for my bridesmaids dresses. I really wasn't impressed. Because either they were too expensive, or they had cute styles but not always in the color you wanted. It got kind of ridiculous and I gave up.
I ended up ordering them online from
I picked out some dresses I liked, finally settled on one, and told them try the same dress on at a store that carried the one we wanted to order. We wrote down the size and ordered the dresses. Of course, only one of the bridesmaids tried the dress on before we ordered all of them, so they still needed to be altered. But it was a good idea. Plus, you can find good brands that are usually cheaper on that website. That's also where I ordered my wedding dress.
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Hey! I was just like you--
I tried them on in a store (just a local bridal shop) and then went to and ordered them online. SUPER AFFORDABLE! My sister actually ordered her dress on there too-- but I couldn't too much unknown. But they have the same designers and same dresses. You have to check it out.

Best of luck!

Married: 01/10/2009
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Apr 15, 2008 at 10:30 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Well - I was in your shoes. I hated everything at Davids Bridal and House of Brides. So I ended up going to this little bouquet and fell in love with "all" dresses. The only bad thing is, they don't have a shop in Ohio. Maybe your bridesmaid and come out for the weekend and get fitted then.

The website doesn't do much for the store. The environment is not like any other bridal store. Your rep is with you the entire time and not running to help someone else. I know a few girls that bought dresses here and loved them.

Hope this helps.

Cordially Invited Couture Events

Cordially Invited Couture Events
Apr 16, 2008 at 7:46 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Another way to solve this dilemma is to allow your brides to do different shades, styles of the same color. That way they are guaranteed to be happy with what they choose and it gives an added touch of character to wedding party presentation.

Married: 02/14/2009
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Apr 16, 2008 at 8:47 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
David's Bridal does suck. Anyways, if you find a designer you like, find the dress and have the girls look for a bridal shop that sells that designer. I know, it sucks. My MOH and I live here in San Jose, one BM lives in SoCal, one in Reno, NV and one in Oregon. I love the Alfred Angelo dresses, so I told the girls and they each found shops in their area that sold AA. Most bridal shops sell different designers, so if you find ones you like and it's a known designer, chances are the can find a place close to them that sells that designer as well. Hope this helped! Good Luck!

Amica Bride
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We, at Amica Bride, would love to help you and your bridesmaids. We carry most of the major designer while offering 35%-45% off the regular prices offered in traditional bridal shops. You will be assigned a bridesmaid consultant who will help you through the entire process. We also offer free shipping to our wedding wired customers, and we guarantee the lowest prices. Please contact me at or visit our website at

Good luck!


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