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Style and Decor

Renting chiavari chairs1 Answers

I am DESPERATE to find ivory and black striped! tableclothes (120' round.)2 Answers

In response to 'boy do i need help'.4 Answers

Boy do I need help...5 Answers

Flower costs2 Answers

what's your idea on chocolate fountain OR candy table..any others for later snacks:)11 Answers

Ideas on DIY decorations for reception?3 Answers

How does the Unity Sand Ceremony work?4 Answers

Awesome DYI deal3 Answers

Is it ok to not really have a "theme" for our wedding?9 Answers

Anyone know where I can find nice inexpenisve western wedding programs ?2 Answers

contined question2 Answers

Why do people keep asking the question "are you nervous"3 Answers

Wedding Party3 Answers

what shades would go well together?6 Answers

not nervous but just excited1 Answers

So excited about my day1 Answers

Self planning from across the country11 Answers

Anyone have good ideas for a winterwonderland wedding decorating?9 Answers

what does each color mean for a wedding?4 Answers

Vow of Conduct