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Royal blue, champagne and....pearl pink? HELP!
Hi! I am planning on getting married next September, and I am trying to decided my colors! I had though, black, white and pink but my groom doesn't want that. He wants something with blue so I thought Royal Blue and Champagne would go very nicely (I hope, tell me if it doesn't!) and perhaps a bit of a pearl pink (A very light pink.)

Any thoughts would be helpful. Any othe colors that go with Blue but not, brown, orange or yellow. lol.

Thanks, Tiffany

Married: 06/06/2009
Posted On: Jul 8, 2008 at 11:50 AM | Vendors are allowed | Add to My Watchlist | Flag As Inappropriate

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Jul 08, 2008 at 12:18 PM • Flag As Inappropriate

I think Royal Blue, Champagne and Pearl Pink seem like a nice combination. I think that a Lavender color would also look nice. :) Green would also work, a variety of shades from pale green to forest green, although a lighter or brighter color would probably add more pop.

Candice D.

Jubilee Events
Jul 08, 2008 at 2:07 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
The only way you'll know if the colors work together is if you see them together. Have you chosen your venue yet? That is usually the best indicator of what color direction you can go into. You may want to go down to your local paint store and pick up some paint chips as color inspiration. Mix and match until you find the right shades. Or you can always ask your wedding consultant (if you have one).

Pink and blue can work together if done right. Its not easy to do as it can tend to look very "baby-esque." I agree with the other poster that shades of green would look absolutely beautiful blue and champagne.

Hope this helps!
Candice Dowling
Jubilee Events

Married: 11/08/2008
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Jul 09, 2008 at 1:40 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
These days you can have 5-7 colors. I agree with the previous poster that the venue does help with the choice of the colors. Also, some colors are very hard to be locked into flower-wise. What kind of flowers are you envisioning? There aren't many royal blue flowers - not a huge deal... royal blue could be the accent colors or ribbons and your flowers could be primarily pink & champagne. You have some time, so your opinion may change as you move forward in the process. I have to say that is what happened to me. I wanted chocolate, purple, red, etc. for fall and then moved more into chocolate, purple and chartreuse for more contrast. Whatever you do, it will be beautiful - I am sure.

RCH Designs

RCH Designs
Jul 09, 2008 at 12:26 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Hi, congrats on your engagement! As a planner I tell my brides, this is your day! And if you want to use red and blue then go ahead we can make it work. I think you are off to a good start compromising with your fiance on the colors. A color scheme is good to keep you on track and not having too many ideas going on. What if you did Blue, Black and pink? Mainly blue and black and hints of pink. You could have your linens black and blue, and accents of pink with a table runner, pink in your flower choices and accented within your centerpieces.

Best of luck!

RCH Designs

Whimsical Floral Design

Whimsical Floral Design
Jul 11, 2008 at 3:37 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Use navy and champagne. Navy will also work with the pearl pink. Royal blue is very bold, and champagne and pearl pink are softer. I think it will clash way too much. Light green is another color you could mix in with this palette.

Budget Designer Florals


Mystical Creator
Jul 14, 2008 at 12:06 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Hi Tiffany and congratulations!

I worked w/ a floral designer for about 4 years & have been doing jewelry including wedding jewelry for 15 years... I think that you have to consider your options w/flowers because mother nature only makes em in so many colors. We did a lovely wedding w/blue delphinium, which comes in a periwinkle as well as a royal blue color, it is a natural blue, so no yucky sprays have to be used, which shorten the life of the flowers and just dont look as natural. But I think a medium pink flower really looks best with the royal blue delphinium..... of course the florist can always use ribbons as other elements for gettin ur colors into the design, but flowers might be a good place for you to find some inspiration.... I also like the idea below of champagne NAVY and lt pink, that sounds like a winning combination....

As far as jewelry, there are countless options of materials for whatever combination that you come up with. I would love to help! Drop me a line!

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