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Pew Candles
I bought vases and irredescent gems to go in the bottom with a taper candle in the middle for my cermony. I want to put these on the pews lining the aisle with my bows and flowers hanging off the side of the pews. I didnt want the normal everyday pew candle holders because they just dont fit my style and personality so I made my own using the vases. Here is the problem...How in the world can I attach these vases to the pews so they dont get knocked off? The pews themselves are pretty wide (2.5inches to be exact) and the vases are around that same size so they shouldnt hang over or anything. I didnt know if there was some sort of temporary adhesive or something that would hold them but not ruin the pews when removed or if anyone has an idea on how to make something else to hold them.

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Posted On: Nov 11, 2008 at 3:21 PM | Vendors are allowed | Add to My Watchlist | Flag As Inappropriate

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Bella Maison Tresors
Nov 11, 2008 at 3:45 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
If your vases have a lip you could somehow put a wire around and create a handle with ribbon covering the wire by twisting, or maybe simply use ribbon for a hanger. Or you can simply place them with the hanger idea on shepherd hooks beside the chair so they won't get knocked over, this is a great look. I have done this in 2 of my weddings and used little lanterns instead of vases with wide pretty ribbon attaching and looped to each shepherd hook all the way down the isle with a flower and bow on each as well. This is a beautiful and different look for a reasonable price. Good Luck!


Jackie Times Two Wedding & Event Planners
Nov 12, 2008 at 12:40 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Congrat's on your upcoming nuptials.

First, you must check with the venue to verify that you can have this going down the aisle(s). If you can, then I would seek the assistance of a florist. There are a variety of pew candle holders and I used some unique ones at at wedding last year that the florist ordered for the bride. He/She may be able to use the plastic holder if you want to still use your vases.

Now to be really honest, as the bride I wouldn't try that. If you want to use flames let the professionals handle that. It just passes the buck to them instead of you if something were to happen.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on this website or email me at HTH's

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