Get Instant Inquiry Notifications
Receive real-time notifications about all new prospective leads via text message and email
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Activate Mobile Lead Delivery
To receive real-time notifications, all you have to do is activate our mobile lead feature, add in your phone number and cell phone carrier, and then you are good to go!
Stay Up-to-Date on the Go
Get the Essential Details on Your Phone
When you receive a new inquiry from prospective client, we will notify you via text message! You will receive the essential event details - event type, date, time, location, etc. - for each inquiry to help you get a better sense of the client's request. Since you are aware of the request, you will know to log in to your WeddingWire account for full details and to follow up with the potential client.
Improve Your Conversions
Turn Inquiries into Booked Events
Mobile lead delivery helps improve your response time, which allows you to convert more of your inquiries to booked events. Start growing your business today!
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