Stones and Flowers Retreat
Ben Lomond, CA
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Private User 2 Reviews
Though this venue is breath-taking, it was extremely difficult to work with due to lack of professionalism. I never even received an invoice (which we paid for the total venue cost up front) that I asked for many times.

The costs add up quickly (there's no parking for guests unless you rent additional cabins which are WAY overpriced); the lack of service and help really makes planning a wedding a challenging. They don't recommend vendors or advice unless you pay an additional fee for help.

I couldn't believe how long it took to get responses from the venue wedding coordinator, whom I never even met or spoke to on the phone. She was very difficult to reach, and she would not meet with me in person to go over the contract…which was a nightmare. It wasn't until a couple of weeks before the wedding that she began to be more friendly and more responsive via email.

If you are extremely organized, detailed, have lots of time on your hands, you can make SFR work without AS much stress and headaches that already accompanies wedding planning. Otherwise, either spend the $$$ on a very professional planner/coordinator or wait until this venue gets their act together.

I do have to cut them some slack since they are still new in the game as a wedding venue and the property manager was really nice…but still if you offering a service then try to be more professional.
Wedding: Recently Married
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
1.6 out of 5.0
  • Quality of Service:  2.5
  • Responsiveness:  0.0
  • Professionalism:  1.5
  • Value:  2.0
  • Flexibility:  2.0

Claudia 1 Reviews
Agree with the previous review. Patricia needs to up her game.

Communication started off well, when we went to look at the venue. Originally, we had Patricia's phone number. A couple of months later, her number was no longer in service and we were confined to only e-mails. She would exchange e-mails with me very frequently when we were hashing out the contract; then, once I sent in the check, it would take her 3-4 weeks to get back to an e-mail. She would make a ton of excuses when I'd follow up with e-mails and it was pretty obvious that she didn't care as much about couples that have already booked the venue compared to booking tours for potential weddings.

The dumbest part was when we were scheduled to come to the venue to do a walk-through with Michael (site coordinator), as it is explicitly stated that we have two hours of Q&A time with him before our wedding. When we went to schedule an appointment, Patricia made it extremely difficult, saying that Michael had tour appointments all week long, and if we wanted to come to the property, we could just do so but Michael would be touring. When we finally DID make an appointment with Michael, she cancelled at 11PM the night before, because the fire department was doing a surprise fire inspection that day. Fire inspection=not her fault. Cancelling @ 11PM=totally her fault. 3 people had to move work schedules just for this and she cancelled last minute.

Our coordinator then told Patricia a meeting wasn't necessary if she could just speak with Michael on the phone. Patricia refused to give out Michael's phone number...

In the end, we had our meeting with Michael and our wedding day went smoothly. The property is absolutely gorgeous, but kind of a hassle to get to. I highly recommend NOT booking the Hidden Falls parking lot because it's an absolute waste of money. Hire Michael, he's worth it. Unless she gets her act together, you're stuck with Patricia and her crappy professionalism/responsiveness.
Wedding: 10/06/2013
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
1.4 out of 5.0
  • Quality of Service:  2.0
  • Responsiveness:  0.0
  • Professionalism:  1.0
  • Value:  2.0
  • Flexibility:  2.0
If I could, I'd split this review into two pieces. The venue is GORGEOUS. Our wedding went off without a hitch the day of thanks to the amazing site manager Michael. Our wedding day (both ceremony and reception) was absolutely everything we dreamed of when we decided to get married at Stones and Flowers.

HOWEVER, the communication and responsiveness of the owner, Patrica, was atrocious. We never met her -- everything was done through email. There was a point when I didn't hear from her for a month (and we were only engaged for six months). She had no contact phone number because she wanted to do everything through email. Which was nearly impossible when she wouldn't respond. Her records were not kept well, which lead to a panic about parking three days before the wedding.

SO, if you want a gorgeous venue and don't mind fighting for it every step of the way, Stones and Flowers might work for you. But if you expect a responsive, helpful venue, you'll want to look somewhere else.
Wedding: 08/11/2013
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
2.8 out of 5.0
  • Quality of Service:  2.0
  • Responsiveness:  2.0
  • Professionalism:  2.0
  • Value:  4.0
  • Flexibility:  4.0

Private User 1 Reviews
I completely agree with everything said before about this venue & the owners. Despite the lack of communication and hidden fees that kept popping up, Patricia did eventually respond to emails and was thorough in her answers. She was also true to her word when we reminded her of the original costs she had told us before signing the contract, and she did not make us pay these fees that kept popping up (i.e. for the Hidden Falls parking lot)--- I think we booked this place before it started getting super popular and before they got crazy busy, and they were a lot more flexible to start with. Definitely there is a HUGE lack of organization and they are super hard to get ahold of (i.e. don't respond for weeks at a time).

And forget trying to get any response after you've had your wedding there---I emailed Patricia three times about a lost piece of family jewelry and an incident that happened during our wedding-- one of the cabins flooding out--- that Patricia's husband Mark promised my husband some sort of reimbursement for, but of course no response at all.

With all that being said, our wedding weekend was absolutely magical for all our of family and friends, and we are really glad that we had it there. The location is beautiful and our wedding was really a "DIY" adventure-- so if that's for you, then definitely do consider this venue. As said in other reviews as well, Michael was a TREMENDOUS help during our wedding weekend on site at Stones & Flowers and 5+ stars would be given to his professionalism and work ethic. Perhaps after all of these reviews, maybe they will hire additional administrative help so that they can be a more organized and efficient business. My advice if you are interested in this venue is to make sure everything is down in writing from the get-go--- be up front about all costs that might incur and if something suddenly pops up after you've signed the contract, be up front about that as well.
Wedding: 1+ year ago
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
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