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Marcinho Savant spent hours organizing every detail of our wedding, helped us determine all the design elements, found incredible vendors for very reasonable prices, and deeply considered our desires while guiding us with expert advice. He transformed what could have been (and usually is) an extremely stressful experience into a delightful one that enabled us to enjoy the process of planning our wedding. Marcinho is exceedingly knowledgeable, prompt and courteous, and I never finished an interaction with him feeling like we weren’t moving forward.

While Marcinho could not be there the day of our wedding, he arranged for two experienced and professional members of his staff to make sure that everything ran smoothly. When my phone charger died the morning of the wedding, they arrived with a new one. When my dress came out of the garment bag a bit wrinkled, Sonia ran around the hotel looking for a steamer and then personally steamed it for me. And even though he had already gone above and beyond to make our wedding special and flawless, Marcinho also sent a gift of gorgeous Tiffany martini glasses, just to add that much more joy to our day.

Everything went off without a hitch. Sonia and Corrine were incredibly attentive. They made sure that all of our belongings were moved to our hotel room at the end of the night, and it was such a delight to find my bridal bouquet perched in a glass of water when we got there. Although we didn’t eat a bite of food during the
wedding, they had put together a hearty sampling of everything that was served, which
we devoured before we fell into bed, exhausted but overjoyed by a night we will never
forget.™™ responded with the following comments:

From Marcinho (Their desinger/Coordinator):

"YAAAAAAAAAY! I'm so thankful to have been able to work for Alix Genter and Alison!

I met them on August 18, 2011. Their wedding happened on July 28th, 2012!

I wasn't able to be there on the day of, however, I supervised (remotely) the event from sun up, to the next morning--- from my office in Louisiana! Thank heavens for my team mates Sonia and Corrine!

Since the wedding day... I have had the extraordinary privilege of assisting them with several travel bookings, via SavvyTravelGroup, AND I designed their Honeymoon! Which they are taking in a few days!!!!!!!!!!

You've heard me call my clients "my BABIES" before! You've heard me say that they each become FAMILY to me...

And HERE we ARE, MORE than a year later, and I just spoke with Alison yesterday! Working on something ELSE for her!



Marcinho "

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2+ years ago

I will start by saying simply, THANK YOU. You were truly a god-send to us. As Janet said one evening, you were our "yes man". We are not accustomed to such a thing and appreciated all of your hard work, honesty and perseverance. We can truly say, even with all of the things that were constantly going wrong for us personally, you were a bright light in a time of darkness or our knight in shining armor. We are quite confident that our fairy tale wedding would not have been half as great without you! You are truly a master of your craft and we sincerely hope that your boss knows just how valuable you are. To us, you were invaluable. It's not often that you find such a genuine person. Even times when i was distracted, you were always focused and right on target. I can't explain to you how much happiness you have brought to our lives'. Our wedding is one that will be talked about for many years to come. Many people commented that it was like something out of a movie. It was truly a magical night that i will never forget. I know often times you would say to me "that's my job", but i will forever be grateful to you for the pampering and TLC you gave to us at every step of the way. Everything and every person that you hooked us up with was great! . again, we were over joyed and in awe of what you created.™™ responded with the following comments:


Lisa and Janet, you have been an incessant highlight of my career! I have witnessed some of your "highs and lows" with the challenges you faced during the year we spent together creating your event. It was my absolute pleasure to have been of some help, outside the rigors of event design!

To see the short film that was made of your wedding day, it told the story of your love magnificently and thoroughly! To see how happy you both were on the day, made it worth every SECOND of our time together!

THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you! and THANK you for welcoming me into your family! And, on behalf of our Florida Team (Eileen, Adam, Richard and Ron), THANK you for choosing!!!!

Truly my pleasure taking care of you! Thank you!

-Marcinho Savant, Senior Event Designer, General Manager

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Whatever your dream wedding is, the folks at Savvy Planners will make it happen. Marcinho and Sonia took our humble idea of having our marriage legalized by the great State of New York at the Clerk of Court's office, and turned it into a dream Hindu ceremony. We asked for the moon and they gave us that, along with the stars and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our fervent wish to have a Hindu Pandit perform our ceremony seemed an impossibility. "Impossibility" is not part of Marcinho nor Sonia's vernacular. They treated our event with the utmost respect, and collaborated with vendors who share their philosophy of customer service. Every detail was given careful consideration, from the venue of our dreams to the nuances of the Hindu marriage rite. We are still in awe of their professionalism and ability to go above and beyond our wildest dreams. (Their fee was nowhere near what they are worth.) It is because of Marcinho's vision and determination to take yes as the only answer, that we recommend him wholeheartedly as a wedding planner. He is a magician who pulls fantasies out of his hat. Only the fantasy becomes reality, and he will find just the right person to record it for you in case you wake up the next day thinking it was all a wonderful dream. (Which is what we are still doing.) And, oh yes, he will find the right people to make you look movie star glamorous for your special day. Did I mention that he found a way for my groom to ride a horse through Greenwich Village? Sonia's work ethic, which is quite rare these days, her drive to accommodate our every wish, and her eye for detail makes her an invaluable asset to anyone planning their wedding. She arranged a mehndi party at our hotel room, and the artist festooned our hands and feet with beautiful designs. She took us shopping for our wedding jewelry, helping us find the very best deals for the most gorgeous pieces. And from the moment our special day began, I kept saying to myself, "I'm not worthy!" The makeup artists and hair stylist treated us like royalty. And when they completed their work, we looked like it! Marcinho was available to us during our entire trip, making sure we had everything we needed. He added special touches and provided the kind of guidance and support one would expect from family. Sonia created a beautiful setting for our ceremony, transforming a hotel lounge into an intimate mandap, complete with an altar, wedding garlands, sweets and all the necessary accoutrements. Our grandest wish, to have a Hindu Pandit officiate, was granted. Marcinho and Sonia transformed a humble formality into an exquisite and unforgettable event that is now a treasured chapter in our story.™™ responded with the following comments:

We are so humbled to receive this review! THANK you! There is nothing... Not a THING, that matters more to us than being a treasured part of your story and life voyage.

It was a complete pleasure being of service to you. Thank you for choosing to bring your dream to life!

Live well and long! Call on us if we can be of any service in any of our divisions!

Thank you! <3

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Having Saavy Planners help plan our wedding was the best decision ever. Its not easy handling a 4 day indian function with 500 people attending, but with a wedding planner it made the wedding very organized, fun, and smooth. I felt like a guest at my own wedding. 3 months after the wedding I still have folks calling and telling me it was the best wedding they ever attended. I'm glad we hired saavy planners.™™ responded with the following comments:

Hello Tulsi!

We thank you for your generous and kind review! Thank you very much! Your wedding weekend was challenging and wonderful for us.

I am, however, a little dismayed that you've graded our service and responsiveness at levels 4 of 5. Please feel free to send me an email to let me know how we, or our representative(s), have disappointed you. We have been lauded for both those categories and find it very unsettling that your experience was less than a "5" in those two regards.

I thank you for your patronage, trust and kindness. I also appreciate your honest assessment. Please DO contact me and let me know where we failed to meet your expectations in those categories. Your confidence and privacy are assured by me.

Warm regards,

Irma Rabinowitz, Dir. of Client Care

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A wedding can be chaotic and stressful. Ours was the easiest event I have ever had to plan. Marcinho and his associates during the entire process were very professional and responsive to our needs and desires. They transformed our venue from just a very cool space into a memorable and luxurious space.
The only downside is the fee of having plan your wedding. I would have much rather given most of my base fee to the folks directly involved in my event planning and not just toward a fee for going with a planning company. I can understand the fee being acceptable for high maintenance customers but I think my bride and I were one of the more chill couples around.
Having is well worth it because they kept the other costs down and they strive to give the customer exactly what their vision is for the special day.™™ responded with the following comments:

Thank you very much for your kind review. Marcinho is a huge asset to the company and we are happy he made this the easiest event you've ever planned.

About the fee, from all reports, you both were very 'chill'. Which was a pleasure for us. That said, our fee isn't based on the individual couple. The fundamental work is still the very same whether a client is laid-back or more demanding.

Thank you very much for recognizing our efforts and success in fighting for the lowest possible rates and bringing other costs down. That is another added value of hiring our company. Thank you for seeing the value in our service provisions, such as protecting clients and their budgets. We appreciate and value your trust and patronage. Best wishes to you both.


"Hello Darlings! I just wanted to thank you for your lovely words and for the faith and confidence you put in me! It was a pleasure to serve you and I thank you for the chance to be of service! I hope you liked the "Century Tree" details! That was my wedding gift to you. BIG HUGS!" -Marcinho

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The event flowed from ceremony to reception, they always listened to make our dream possible! It truly exceeded our expectations, with little surprises for us on our special day... There's no way we could have done such an amazing event without them!
Only negativ...iit is a little costly for those on a tight budget™™ responded with the following comments:

Thank you for your wonderful words! We are so happy to have exceeded your expectations! That is what we are here for. We thank you for your patronage and trust. Best wishes to you both!

*and Marcinho yells in background* "And LOBO!"

Thank you for choosing!

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Savvyplanners once again provided fantastic value for the cost and exceptional accessibility. We were beyond with impressed with all of Marcinho's (lead coordinator) suggestions for restaurants, excursions, personal care vendors and the villa itself. Thank you,, for ensuring we had a perfect vacation and impression of Puerto Vallarta.

Services Used: Travel, Unique Services (Other)
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The Savvy Planners Team made our wedding day absolutely wonderful. People still rave over the skilled execution and tasteful glamor of the night. Every tiny detail was handled so my husband and I had nothing left to do but enjoy our day. From beginning to end we were involved in the planning but Marcinho made sure we were not consumed by the planning. I highly recommend Savvy Planners for any event. We came with our idea or what we wanted our day to be and they delivered!™™ responded with the following comments:

Thank you so much! Your event was such a pleasure and the venue was stunning! Congratulations to you both!

Services Used: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning
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Our family and friends have still not stopped talking about our wedding...calling it the "best wedding ever", and of course we agree. is amazing!

Our fearless planner Marcinho coordinated our wedding to
perfection, paid attention to the tiniest detail and championed our ideas with finesse and style.

We could not have asked for anyone better. It was an incredible wedding and we have to, "Thank you"!!

Brian and Ron, New Jersey, USA™™ responded with the following comments:

PHENOMENAL! Marvelous, wonderful, challenging event. We all had a ball watching you both take it all in! All the best to you both!

Services Used: Catering, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning
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Our wedding planner offered fabulous ideas but was more interested in us having what we wanted as opposed to increasing the costs of our wedding. We highly recommend Savvy Planners! Marcinio took care of our every need including watching the weather for us to make sure we had an alternate location if we were rained out.™™ responded with the following comments:

Thank you! We are so honored that you took the time to share your views. Marcinho is a vital part of our team and we feel fortunate to have him.
We're pleased that he served you well.

We wish you both continued good fortune in your lives together and we thank you for choosing!

Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Officiant, Photography, Wedding Planning
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It is with the greatest pleasure that I write this recommendation for Any opportunity to talk about my wedding day and the absolutely AMAZING job MW and his staff did is embraced with the greatest of enthusiasm. I was married in August 2006 and hired for Wedding Rehearsal and Wedding Day, but throughout the entire time leading into the wedding MW was always available day or evening to answer any questions and deal with any concerns I had.

On the wedding day my mother was supposed to decorate the church, but time being of essence and being the mother of the bride she ran short of time and with the church being distances away, she was not able to make it there and back home to dress so I assumed I would just have to settle on the church as is. Naturally it was a complete shock to me to walk into the church to see that MW had spoken to the pastor and managed to come up with decorations for the church that matched my entire vision impeccably. Magic. Simply magic.

For the church, I wanted my procession to be unique so I selected "Circle of Life" from the Broadway musical "The Lion King" as the procession song. The crew from Mary on choreography, Frank on the music and sound (they have the most amazing and crisp sound system) and MW directing, created a beautiful professionally choreographed procession that was even more beautiful than what I originally envisioned. It made the procession alone a truly unique and special opening and set the stage perfectly in preparation for the graceful and beautifully planned wedding day I’ve always imagined.

Til this day no family gathering is complete without reminiscing on what an exquisite wedding I had and what an amazing job did. I’ve even had friends of friends who did not even attend the wedding wanting to contact MW simply because of the way my wedding day has been described by others. In addition to that, after seeing MW at work for the rehearsal, my Pastor called up to get the contact information for to refer them to someone in the congregation.

MW was absolutely my Guardian Angel Wedding Planner. At the slightest sign of me stressing, MW would find a way to solve the problem in minutes. It’s as if he has magical powers or a magic wand that just waves stress away. What a gift. If he could bottle his talent and sell it he’d be the world’s richest man. A Wedding Planner like MW can never be duplicated. Emulated perhaps, but never duplicated.™™ responded with the following comments:

Wow. Thank you so much for this astounding critique! It's so humbling to know that we exceeded your dreams and delivered more than you expected! The pleasure was entirely ours! Thank you so very much!

Services Used: Ceremony Music, Flowers, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning
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