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Occasions Event Center

Atlanta, GA
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This was the venue for my sister's wedding. The owner's promised my sister that his wife would be the wedding planner and be in charge of making sure everything went perfectly on her wedding day. My family wanted to go over some of the events for the night and make sure that the wedding planner understood everything that my sister wanted for the wedding, so we stopped by the venue when we knew there wasn't a wedding a week before my sister's wedding. The woman had no idea what my sister wanted. She was completely unaware of any of the details of the wedding. She did not even try to go look at the contract to discuss the details with us. She simply said, I will be familiar with what she wants on the day of the wedding, but I don't know anything now (over and over again). The owner was angry that we had a discussion with the wedding planner, and angrily called my mother and was extremely rude on the phone. He did not feel that anything was wrong with the "wedding planner" not knowing ANYTHING about the wedding when it was only 1 week away. At the rehearsal dinner, the "wedding planner" was no where to be found. She did not introduce herself, she did not interact with any of us, she did not offer to help with the planning in any way. On the day of the wedding, we had to recruit members of our family to help get a table for the dinner place cards and set them up. We had to beg for the groom's cake table because they did not have it set up. They did not have the cake table decorated at all. Luckily, we had everything planned pretty well, so the programs went ok. However, you want everything including the details to be perfect on your wedding, and these people just DID NOT CARE AT ALL!! They are extremely unprofessional, and I would never advise you to trust your special day with them. Hope this was helpful!

  • Wedding: 2+ years ago
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
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  • Quality of Service: 0.5
  • Responsiveness: 2.5
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  • Value: 4.0
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The venue was honestly beautiful and a good value. The food from Bombay Cafe is also excellent. When asked how much lunch for my guests would cost the day of the wedding before we signed a contract with Ricky, he said $10.99 per person. When asked how much lunch would be 2 months prior to the wedding after having signed a contract $20 dollars per person. Just FYI. Get everything he says in writing. Service is a ZERO. And Beware when they say there is a 'wedding planner' for the day of your wedding. We were promised to have Ricky as our wedding day planner but somehow it became his wife, Simi, who knew none of the details and never even spoke to any of us. She did zero to help. Ricky was super nice and professional to start out with but after he gets your check, forget it. Ricky yelled at my 64 year old mom on the phone a few days before my wedding. My mom was very upset about this and I only took it nicely bc I would be dealing with them.
I will NEVER recommend their restaurant or venue again. Also, when asked why the cake did not get served at my wedding and other questions, Ricky says to me in an email, "This is not my staff's fault." Wrong answer buddy! He could have said- I will talk to them or train them or learn from this or we apologize for that. That's why we are going to write bbb also.

We took home 2 huge sheet cakes the night of my wedding & most of my guests told me they hadn't been served cake as they were leaving.
At my mom & dads table, only half of the table were served champagne also. So during the champagne toasts my parents held up water.
Please just know-you get what you pay for when you use their poor service. Most definitely, I'd recommend getting an actual wedding planner for the day of. Also be prepared, Ricky acts very annoyed if you ask a lot of questions! Have fun using them if you do and you can't say I didn't warn you!

  • Wedding: 09/02/2012
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Quality of Service: 4.5
  • Responsiveness: 5.0
  • Professionalism: 5.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 4.5

Love that place. It was great.

  • Wedding: 12/04/2011
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue
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