Landoll's Mohican Castle

Landoll's Mohican Castle

Loudonville, OH
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The venue is absolutely gorgeous. All of my guests really liked the place. The venue also has hotel rooms on site. There aren't many but they are gorgeous if you get one. It can get kind of pricey if you have a lot of people but the food comes with the site. The buffet is the biggest part of the bill. The food is really amazing though and very tasty. Melody is amazing and is there the whole time.

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The venue is beautiful as far as landscaping and the accommodations. They do not let you try the food and tell you to trust that they have the "highest standards" in food preparation. However, our guests gave us mixed reviews about it being great to the meat being overcooked and cold. Staff across the board is difficult to deal with from the passive-aggressive wedding coordinator and the rude and staff that could care less about customer service.
I gave "quality of service" a 2.5 because while everything appeared beautiful to guests, it was very difficult dealing with staff at times and there were many details missed. Our florist delivered extra flowers for family members to wear and Landoll’s staff left them sitting on our program table during the entire ceremony in their plastic bags (so tacky). I noticed as I was walking down the aisle and by then it was too late to do anything. Also, we ordered beer in kegs, but they neglected to tell us that they would be served in plastic cups and that guests would be expected to serve themselves (yet we paid a service fee and gratuity for a bartender). So, if you want a frat party for a wedding- by all means they are wiling to accommodate you!
"Responsiveness" was a 4 because Melody is very good at getting back to you and checking in. However, she was difficult to deal with and quite rude at times which made the process unnecessarily difficult. The professionalism is a 2 because this was by far the worst aspect of having our wedding at Landoll's. Front desk staff and the wedding coordinator neglected to communicate important details about our final payment. I specified numerous times (in writing) which payment method was to be used, yet they apparently have very little communication and made mistakes. This resulted in over-charging our account temporarily and charging our guests for wine when we had indicated a specific dollar-amount limit that had not been reached. Guests were being charged before dinner even arrived when there was plenty of room left on our limit. They did NOTHING to rectify these situations. Melody NEVER apologized and the front desk manager actually raised her voice, interrupted me and talked down to me until she actually listened to me and found out it was their communication error. Then she apologized begrudgingly, but I have yet to receive the voucher they promised me for a future night stay for all the trouble they caused. I’m not going to hold my breath for them to follow through as they clearly lack any sense of accountability.
Value is 3 because although staff made this experience so very difficult, the actual place is gorgeous. Guests had no idea about all the behind the scenes stress they caused. They just saw a beautiful wedding. Flexibility is a 3 because there were things they were flexible about such as being able to hang things from the ceiling, but this experience was in no way flawless.
Again, if you don't mind compromising on customer service, dealing with difficult staff and are ok with hit-or-miss food- this place is beautiful. I am not saying I regret having our wedding here because our pictures and video were amazing. However, I wish I had hired a wedding planner so that they could be the ones dealing with Landoll's staff instead of me. Proceed at your own risk!

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I take great pride in "my" weddings and am neither rude nor difficult to get along with. As you can see by the length of this review -- there was no pleasing this bride -- when you deal with the public in a customer service position it goes with the job. I love what I do and always strive to please .

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2+ years ago

Landoll's was actually very wonderful.
Being an out-of-state Bride made things a little hard on me, but Melody the coordinator was wonderful. The hotel staff girls could be a little testy at times, but you don't really interact with them. And our honeymoon suite was TO DIE FOR! SO AWESOME and actually worth the +$400 a night.
The food was delicious and they were able to make our dreams come true by ordering in a few unique items for us.

The only downside is the drive...but I don't even think of that as a downside- since the ride down is so beautiful!

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