Hilton Long Island/Huntington

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

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Melville, NY
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  • Quality of Service: 3.0
  • Responsiveness: 3.0
  • Professionalism: 3.0
  • Value: 3.0
  • Flexibility: 4.0

I reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton Long Island for my June 2011 wedding, and after some back-and-forth rate negotiation, received a rate that I thought was reasonable for the area and the time of year. We did not really get a discount for having a block of rooms, as one of my guests found the same rate on Expedia. It was a bit confusing to set-up the block because I received conflicting information on the number of rooms I could block without charge. When we finally had it settled, I noticed online that my guests were being charged a rate higher than the one on my contract, so I had to call and have the rate adjusted for those and future bookings. Despite logistical hassles, I did not hear any negative feedback from guests regarding the hotel. It is in a convenient location, and has great amenities like indoor/outdoor pools, bars/restaurants, etc., which made it an ideal hotel for my out-of-town guests. They also gladly put welcome bags in our guests' hotel rooms. I stayed in a bridal suite at the Hilton Long Island as well, and although I do not have complaints about the actual room, it was pretty much on ground level, so we weren't really able to open up the curtains for natural light without people outside seeing in. We received a complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries on our wedding night, and also complimentary breakfast the next morning, which was nice. Overall, Hilton Long Island does the trick - just don't expect it to be a perfect experience start to finish.

  • Wedding: 06/04/2011
Services Used: Unique Services (Other)
  • Quality of Service: 1.0
  • Responsiveness: 0.5
  • Professionalism: 0.5
  • Value: 0.5
  • Flexibility: 0.5

This is one of the most poorly run hotels I have ever had to deal with. While the hotel is fairly nice looking, it is run by incompetent MORONS. While dealing with them they went through over 4 event coordinators (that I know of), and each one of them told me completely different things. I was lied to repeatedly - and it didn't seem to bother anyone. I guess when the turnover rate is so high it doesn't matter what you tell your clients. The most recent EC didn't even bother responding to any of my messages - I had to have my husband call up, and miraculously she responded to him immediately - every single time. My in laws and a number of guests also had problems with the HH upon their arrival - check-in problems, rate issues, rooms were filthy - you name it. It was pretty embarassing considering that this is supposed to be one of the more upscale hotels on L.I. What really sealed the deal for me was that they couldn't even handle distrubuting our out of town boxes. They "forgot" to give them to 3/4 of our guests - I had to speak to the people at the front desk three times before they finally sent out a voicemail to all the guests in my room block, telling them to pick up their boxes downstairs. Unfortunately not everyone noticed the blinking light on the phone, and a number of my guests ended up missing the shuttle to the reception hall (the bus schedule was in the OOT boxes). I ended up filing a formal complaint with the Hilton headquarters, but unfortunately that was a joke as well. Headquarters basically forwarded my complaint to the manager and events coordinator at the Huntington Hilton, and they ignored it.

I do not recommend blocking rooms off here unless you are a sadist

  • Wedding: 11/10/2007
Services Used: Unique Services (Other)
  • Quality of Service: 4.0
  • Responsiveness: 4.0
  • Professionalism: 4.0
  • Value: 4.0
  • Flexibility: 4.0

We used the hotel to have guests stay at. Their services were amazing and we even got a free room to because we booked so many rooms with them.

  • Wedding: 07/29/2005
Services Used: Unique Services (Other)